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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      So I did the fMRI study on tulpamancy. I also got a 3D image file of my brain that I then crunched in FreeSurfer to create a 3D model. It’s like 600,000 triangles or something ridiculous like that. I gave the model to a gamedev friend and I got this back. I’m gonna writeup the process and see if I can get the gamedev friend to explain how the expanding brain meme video works.

      EDIT: blogpost explaining how i got here is up: https://christine.website/blog/brain-fmri-to-3d-model-2019-08-23

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        You should get a 3D-printed copy.

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          Just waiting on a coworker to print it at this point!

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            I have my daughter’s NIFTY file from when she got scanned for an academic study. I’ve been meaning to 3d print it but they cut off her nose and the top of her head.

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        Cool post. FYI video embed also wasn’t working for me in Chrome, but it works fine in Firefox.

        I also did brain scan this year and it was extremely uncomfortable. For those who haven’t tried: you are locked in a partially-enclosed tomb, with your head strapped between two large magnets. The machine intermittently hums and blasts torturous white noise at you for about 20 minutes. You can hear examples on YouTube.

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          I actually found it really nice. The machine was loud, sure, but the noise was regular enough I could use it to time breathing. I was in the fMRI machine for a total of three hours and almost fell asleep in it several times. I liked it to be honest, it was peaceful in its own way; regardless of the stepper motor possessed by angry dialup modem sounds. I just laid in there and meditated in-between tasks.

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            Three hours! I am failing to find the descriptor (I don’t think “stoic” quite fits here) but whatever it is you have, I envy you for it!

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              I just meditated in it yo, following the breath is peaceful as heck. No distractions makes it so much easier to.

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      Having recently gotten into astrophotography, I will make another attempt at photographing Andromeda. I spent the past few days/nights getting familiar with my gear, trying things out, but unfortunately the sky is not very visible from my garden. Trees, buildings, and lights all block portions of the night sky. Fortunately there is a big heath/park about 5 minutes walking, which is surrounded by tall trees that block the street lights.

      I fully expect to not get a decent picture, as astrophotography is surprisingly difficult. Instead, I am aiming for:

      1. No star trails, which will require (near) perfect polar alignment
      2. Being able to see some details of Andromeda, opposed to just being able to see the core
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        I had a lot of fun doing astrophotography for a bit, but I broke my telescope (we cross country skied it with three people into Yosemite, and it survived until I got home and dropped it).

        Are you doing DSLR or CCD?

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          I am using a Nikon D700 DSLR. It’s starting to show its age a bit (e.g. the exposure wheel does not always respond), but apart from that it’s good enough for the coming years.

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            I have a D700 too, but I don’t shoot astro. It’s still a great camera.

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      I’m working on code editor for my expression language https://github.com/antonmedv/expr It became pretty popular language, and I would like to create a side project for it. So I can earn some money on my OSS.

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      doing a game jam!!!! so excited, it’s been years since my last one!

      I’m planning on using PICO-8. I messed around with it last weekend and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had programming in a while. I get tired of project setup and PICO-8 has basically nothing of the sort.

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      This weekend is the time when I try to move a production server from Ubuntu to NixOS. The server has a bunch of Erlang and Elixir services running so running it under NixOS might help us with spinning up more instances in the future.

      Also, gonna finish reading The Little Typer finally. Plus the usual rest and reflect.

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        \o/ NixOS!

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        Same 👋

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          Just walked across the site right now … continuously whole new levels of awesomeness. :-)

          Hope you also enjoy it!

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      Hiking trip with the girlfriend. Looks like we get excellent weather and we both really need a little break.

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      Giving Pijul a whirl. Figured I’d broaden my horizons after considering how ubiquitous Git is.

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      Recovering from the burnout my job caused to my brain. And also recovering from a weightlifting injury from a few years back that I couldn’t afford to fix at the time, hence the job. So….. yeah. I’m doing better.

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      Visiting a friend in Tokyo for the next couple weeks. It’ll be nice to get out of Hong Kong and clear my head.

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      Hey! Just signed up for Lobsters after lurking here for a long time. This is my first time posting here:

      • Reading Scott Young’s “Ultralearning”
      • Going to go bouldering early Sunday morning to a crag nearby here in Bangalore
      • Finalizing details and running errands for a trip to Japan in early September
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      I bought some BananaPi’s a few months ago with the intention of creating a small cluster in my home. I want to experiment with sysadmin/devops/qa tools I don’t get to use at work. My plan is to deploy a project I’ve been working on, bigCGI (https://github.com/bmsauer/bigcgi), along with:

      • CI (Jenkins, Buildbot)
      • Bug DB (Bugzilla, GNATS, Bloodhound)
      • Provisioning/DR scripts (Ansible)
      • Monitoring (Prometheus, Zabbix)
      • System/Business Metrics (maybe something custom? bigCGI uses MongoDB so suggestions welcome)
      • Web directory linking to each service

      Any suggestions of overall categories or specific services, I’d like to hear them. Preferably free(dom) software.

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        FWIW, here is a short writeup of my build/integration/test/deploy ecosystem (Java based). Other posts in that thread may have some interest to you as well. The three things we’re using that aren’t in your list are: Artifactory, RedMine and SubVersion (although I’m looking for a replacement for RedMine, it is somewhat high maintenance). The software we use was specifically selected because there are well-supported plugins for Eclipse (IvyDE, Subclipse, Ant, Myelin).

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      Hosting the inaugural meeting of a book club that I have formed. Five members: my spouse, brother in-law, neighbor, and bar buddy.

      Starting this book club is one of those rare actually-good ideas I have. I can tell, because everyone I asked agreed to participate without hesitation. I should consider this ‘hesitation metric’ in the future when evaluating my little schemes. Initial observation: most of my ideas aren’t going to take off and I should be able to recognize that quickly when I get responses like “Why would I do that?” or “Maybe…”, or in fact anything other than an immediate “Yes, I’m in”.

      We’ll be reading (or re-reading) Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.

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        The reason why I avoid book clubs: I like reading only the books I picked.

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      Trying to restart Couch to 5k. Getting ready to send a kid off to Grade 1. Cleaning the garage and maybe the cars too. Catching up on leisure reading. Staying away from the internet / videogames.

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        You can do it! After a one year break (winter, knee injury and cat ruined my shoes by peeing in it), I’m very very close to do 5k in 35 minutes.

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      I’m playing with a workaround to the old “fork(2) in multithreaded programs” problem on UNIX that some people call “fork servers”. The idea is to call fork(2) from a specialized, separated single-threaded process (the “fork server”). Variations of this trick are currently used in real life by some programs including CPython and the Erlang Run Time System. I’m trying to put this in a reusable C library since this is not really trivial to implement and I think that many programs (at least one of mine!) could benefit from it.

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        Interesting. Do you have a public repo for it that we can see?

        1. 1

          I will try to publish something this week or next weekend. Currently I have a nice draft but nothing is tested and some functions are not implemented yet.

          By the way, the Erlang source code helped me so much that I will keep their license.

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      I’m planning to dig into Sidecar and embed the Envoy Control Plane into it. Currently, Sidecar is using Envoy’s JSON API for adding / removing / updating its various dynamic resources, but this is quite inefficient. I’m also thinking to take a stab at updating the fork of hashicorp/memberlist that it uses, but I probably won’t get to that, since memberlist is quite complex and it’s really annoying that it had to be forked for this project.

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      I am at CCCamp so I will be doing various things, mostly I want to level up the orginzation of my system, factor my configuration.nix into modules and being able to rebuild with krops so I can deploy updates from anywhere on my vpn (that I am also setting up via tinc)

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      After hearing an extremely cheesy quote in a YouTube video about shaolin monks, I’m writing out a list of all side-projects I’d love to work on, selecting one of them and making a plan for what I’ll do about specifically this one the following week.

      (I’m very much an “do this thing for a week, that thing for the next one, never finishing anything” guy.)

      1. 2

        I did this in my bullet journal, and I like to think it was a really useful exercise. There’s a list of “ideas for projects” to record and not forget project ideas, but I’m trying to be focused on one thing at a time.

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      I’ve got some social stuff happening; some of the first parts for my Z80 computer show up so I might try to finangle something together. I also need to start writing some of the firmware I’m going to need (an SIO controller and EEPROM programmer, for now).

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      Hacking on Peertube [1] CLI tools [2] to improve their utility in automated Youtube (et al) channel mirroring. I started out on this after Youtube, probably at the behest of the government, closed down a (government-critical) channel on the pretext of that channel ‘spreading hate’. This nonsensical defence of their action led to enough of an outcry that they reinstated the channel but it once and for all made clear that it is unwise to put trust in a single centralised source for communicating information critical of those who have the means to close down that sourc. Peertube is one of the possible solutions to this conundrum, it being both distributed (by virtue of it supporting the use of (web)torrent to distribute content) as well as potentially self-hosted. Blocking that would mean blocking the ’net instead of pressuring a FAANG [3] into submission which is a lot harder to pull off and even harder to sell to the public.

      When I’m not doing that I’m building a barn. When I’m not doing that I’m building a bathroom. If I should happen to have some time left I’ll work on getting one of my Dnepr bikes ready for inspection.

      [1] https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube

      [2] https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/blob/develop/support/doc/tools.md

      [3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook,_Apple,_Amazon,_Netflix_and_Google

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      It’s a bank holiday weekend in England, which means Monday is off too. Hoping to finish Clojure for the Brave and True (I’ve reached chapter 10 without doing the exercises yet), work on pkgsrc for a bit, roam around London and try to visit the carnival.

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      Playing the flare-on CTF. Practicing some reverse engineering.

    23. 4

      Running 200ft of CAT6 from the modem in the living room to my new office/studio. Going to the market, going to the world food’s store, finishing the third episode of Kevy’s Country Breakfast - a comedy baseball podcast I produce (and you should listen to).

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      TL;DR: migrate emacs package management to guix

      I uninstall guix in anger last weekend but reinstalled it after taking more time to carefully set up the installation image. I now have a fully functional guix live usb that has all the needed touchpad drivers for my pixel with the caveat that the laptop lid lights don’t go off now. But that can’t be a hard fix, right?

      Thoughts on this whole ordeal:

      • Xubuntu 6.06 was my first linux distro, and for 13 years my go to method of installing a distro was to boot into a live cd or USB and just install on the allocated partition. Guix was the first time this naive method absolutely could not work out of the box and as a result I had to learn how to create a guix live image that had the right kernel version, nonfree drivers, and modules I needed. Installing guix in anger turned out to be an extraordinary learning experience.

      • I find scripting for guix with guile to be fairly intuitive when the bells and whistles are in place (ie, using emacs, guile repl is open, etc etc). When trying to build or package from a scheme file the error that gets spit out often suggests the module needed to continue working.

      • The download process is SLOW. I haven’t yet found a good solution for this.

      • Guix is about as ready as any other distro to be a daily driver, IMO. I spend most of my time dicking around in emacs and web browsing so I might not be the best judge here.

      This weekend I want to start migrating my emacs package management to guix, mostly as an exercise in building a custom distribution with the package manager.

      1. 1

        Are you building packages or using substitutes? For either option, you can use a secondary machine locally near you to speed things up. Well, theoretically? I’m not there yet personally. :) …

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      Migrating the last of our production applications to a new k8s cluster, and finalizing the score of my first serious piece for string quartet (!).

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      I just bought a new camera so I will try and learn a subset of its controls this weekend. I also want to teach myself some editing via darktable too. If I find some more downtime after chores, I’ll probably read and find some code to play around with.

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      Integrating Void’s new WebKit patches into Adélie with the hopes of maybe having a browser other than Firefox and Netsurf available.

      Playing with, petting, and scritching my fuzz-cat.

      Writing a requirements spec for the Adélie installer.

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      I’m starting to research on a paper I want to write with a collective, basically talking about improvements in devops and technical writing in IT could be exploited as tools for better technical dissemination in politically-charged actions, especially in a frame of technological autonomy in collapsing or post-collapse western societies. The hardest part to research is actually the part relative to IT, because the only people writing about these practices are basically only technical and business people, rarely sociologists, anthropologists or linguists so the material is very fragmented.

    29. 3

      I’m heading to a Lake Michigan beach near Muskegon tomorrow morning, and bringing my bike with me. Planning to visit the USS Silversides submarine (now a museum ship) as well as the LST-393 (Tank Landing Ship) that earned 3 battle stars in WWII.

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      Have a day off in London on Saturday after a conference this past week, then flying back to the US on Sunday. And then the fall semester starts on Monday…

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      Working on reimplementing my file-browsing tool in Common Lisp (working on a generic “narrowing” module at the moment), with breaks to watch games of The International 9.

      1. 1

        The International 9

        Yeah! Doing that also, so excited for the finals tomorrow. Who are you rooting for?

        1. 1

          OG! A bit uninteresting of a pick, as they’re not an underdog anymore, but they seem to take the game very light-heartedly and keep the fun in it - contrasting the very militant attitude I see in a lot of other teams. Things like Ana’s position 1 Io pick vs NiP are really enjoyable for me to watch and keep me spectating Dota even though I haven’t played in months.

          1. 1

            Nah man, I understand, same here. They have a very nice approach to the game, they are also very fun to watch.

            Really looking forward to today games. Woke up at 4am. Hoping to get a TL vs OG finals :D

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      I’m looking to change to a job where I can code in C. So, re-learning C again, too.

      Also, reading some comicbooks I bought!

    33. 3

      Learning how to brew beer, by actually brewing 20L with professionals. The course was a (very welcome) birthday present from my brother.

    34. 3

      I’m attending CCCamp. That implies too many things to summarize.

      I’m also continuing to work on my collaborative text editor which uses OCaml (ocsigen/websockets) and javascript libraries (quill which uses OT for changes, bits of uikit for the UI, markdown-it).

      Several months ago decided I should stabilize and formally release that editor but I was very busy elsewhere and I also blocked on some not-so-big issues; that made me stall. More recently I decided to go back to some more fun stuff and not focus on stabilization immediately (stabilization needs some feature: mostly the ability to salvage data if needed). That made me progress on the project again.

      Recent changes: simpler UI, gave up with the idea of having several views at once (browser tabs will do just as well), renamed the project from “prose” to “nisaba” (sumerian goddess of grains/writing) which is almost not used elsewhere, added a logo and favicon (which is simply the sumerian glyph for “naga”), added a markdown view (with live update of course, using markdown-it), improved UI a bit (thanks to uikit). And soon I’ll update my test instance with the recent changes.

    35. 3

      I’m trying to build a tiny triplestore with sparql support.

      I don’t care about perfs, I care about it being very easy to install and to use. One of the hurdles when trying to play with linked data is getting some data into a store. Existing stores are complicated and heavy.

      The thing wouldn’t be used for any production workload, only as a toy to get started with.

    36. 3
      • Watching the International 9 (TI9) finals, the most important Dota 2 tournament of the year.
      • Working on my automation system for projects, tasks and window management in Lisp.
      1. 1

        Working on my automation system for projects, tasks and window management in Lisp.

        Which Lisp? What kinds of automation systems? I’m (very) slowly growing a set of tools to enable a workflow loosely based around the Getting Things Done system, perhaps we can collaborate?

        1. 1

          Common Lisp/SBCL, not really trying to make it portable as for now it is a very opinionated personal project.

          For now it’s mostly about automating all the ancillary setup I have to do manually every time I boot the computer or change current project. Things like moving windows around to where I like them, setting up multiple windows and tabs in Kitty, starting several daemons/services/compilers in a watch loop using watchexec. I want to be able to write a file per project that defines all of these and to be able to say “this is my current project” and all of that is automatically set. It’s mostly a tight integration between window management, terminals and jobs.

          It seems yours is more about the actual task management for projects, completing them and such? That would be very nice too to have it integrated in my system. Would love to get an explanation on where you are right now, what objectives you have with it and how could it be integrated! Let’s collaborate!

    37. 3

      I am part of a group that does a private dinner-party version of “Papers We Love” rather than a public meetup format. Tonight I am presenting part two of a three-part sequence on various file system topics.

      Tonight’s part is one part ZFS evangelism, one part doomsaying. Doom, in that filesystems are hard, and corruption is possible at all levels of everything and not even ZFS can save you.

    38. 3
      • Picking tomatoes
      • Eating tomatoes
      • Canning tomatoes

      I grew a lot of tomatoes this year 😅

    39. 3

      Going home tomorrow and to a party of a coworker.

      On Sunday I’ll hopefully pick up a griddle I bought. And play boardgames with two friends.

    40. 3

      The Williams team — Robert Kubica and George Russell — are coming to my town this weekend. I’m going to enjoy the weather, and enjoy some street racing.

    41. 3

      Retroactively: a little bit of work (you can’t choose when the pager goes off), and also, some side bugfixes and hacking on intensify.pictures, a silly side project that started as an inside joke amongst a few friends. (It “intensifies” pictures by converting them to an animated gif with an added shake/jitter effect.)

      1. 2

        … Wow. I think my spouse is going to win her meme thread tonight. Thanks!

    42. 3

      I’m having a healthy, salmon dinner tonight after scarfing down the new Popeye’s chicken sandwich one of my managers snagged for our team lunch. I’ll probably catch up on the usual reality TV and more episodes of The Americans.

      I’m hoping for a chill day on Saturday and maybe heading to a friend’s birthday party later that night, depending on how I feel.

      Sunday will be a roof day, with a friend and her fiance bringing leftover lasagna. Then, a concert later that night.

    43. 3

      Setting up my camp at burning man. 4:30 and D if anyone wants to pop by

    44. 3

      I’m seeing some friends I haven’t seen in a while, including their new baby and hanging out with my wife and daughter before we go on vacation next week.

      I had a long week doing knowledge transfer on a project I’m leaving, giving my first public presentation ever, and giving constructive criticism (thing I hate doing) to a coworker. I’ve earned the time off.

    45. 3
      1. Doing a big trail run
      2. Bikeshedding my development environment (loving ayu-mirage for vscode, vim and iterm)
      3. BBQ wife/dog/friends
      4. Possibly some hobby coding, though it’s been a busy week of work-coding so maybe not…
    46. 2

      Hopefully a long bike ride. Going over the parents place for a cookout on Sunday I think.

    47. 2

      I want to do a sprite ROM hack of Mega Man 2.

      Most of the tools are on Windows, old, and unmaintained. So I’m now trying to learn what it would take to write my own tile editor. Guess I’m getting into nesdev.

    48. 2

      Om on-call so unfortunately no outdoor stuff…

      • due to some comments at work I decided to try out automation stuff on windows. I created a custom vagrantbox of 2019 server and provisioned it with sqlserver using ansible. It works so I’m cleaning up and going to put it in a repo
      • I’ve had some issues with my lxd infrastructure management on ansible/terraform. I’ll probably work on that, I think I came up with a KISS solution.
      • I finished my August book so I’ll be looking for something else, any suggestion is welcome!
    49. 2

      I’ve been picking up Common Lisp again. I have some work I’d like to do around web services and parsing logs that i feel like CL would match to nicely.

      Slowly learning that when I tried to learn it when I was 19, I definitely did not grok it’s power the way I do now. My day to day work is in Rust (>70k LOC codebase) and that’s helped open up my ideas. CL has mapped nicely to that work.

    50. 2

      Some Golang stuff; some picolisp stuff and other brain recreational activities.

    51. 2

      Heading to Cape Town for the weekend. This should be fun.

    52. 2
      • Preparing for my new job, starting Monday

      • Deploying a Docker Swarm cluster over 7 C.H.I.P.

    53. 2

      Only a few definite plans so far.

      Tomorrow morning a friend and I are going to (shopping at) a large community garage sale in our neighborhood. Might take the mountain bike out in the afternoon, too.

      Sunday afternoon I’m going for a 50+ mile road and gravel ride, but no idea where yet.

      Also Sunday I need to pack for a work trip I’m taking next week. I kinda regret agreeing to go, tbh. I’m sure it will go fine, but I’d really just prefer to be home.

    54. [Comment removed by author]

    55. [Comment removed by author]

    56. 1
      • Finally found my key for a disused car roof rack, so fitting it to a family member’s car for them now I can unlock the feet.
      • Refitting my bike carrier to my car, as I keep wanting to go places with the bike and can’t easily fit it in the car
      • Making a proper effort to move all my infrastructure under terraform (all the infra outside my house at least), even if it’s messy for now
      • Spinning up a new server for a friend who needs Wordpress hosting, as I found I have a puppetmaster available I’ll be using that to do it. Should make doing it again in future easier(!)
      • Sorting out the garden. One of the neighbours we share a hedge with has started cutting it recently, and it made me realise just how much it’s grown since I last cut it. Need to trim it back for the autumn and then mow the grass (which in turn probably means grinding the mower blade as it’s pretty blunt.)