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      C’mon man.

      Ajit Pai was born on January 10, 1973, in Buffalo, New York, and grew up in Parsons, Kansas. His parents are Konkani immigrants from India: Varadaraj Pai, a urologist, and Radha Pai, an anesthesiologist. Both of his parents moved to the US in 1971 and were physicians at the county hospital.

      You’re not even complaining about a member of the right set of brown people according to your own claims. India and Middle Eastern are different regions and peoples–and you’re assuming a great deal about the Middle East.

      (And that’s the problem with most racist views…they make people sloppy and lazy. Please don’t indulge either behavior here.)

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        107 Republican members of congress voiced support, so no it’s not just Ajit. If you were less racist perhaps you’d be able to see that.

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