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“The Commodordion is an 8-bit accordion primarily made of C64s, floppy disks, and gaffer tape.”

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      Linus’ site can be a pretty big haystack at times but if anyone’s into this sort of thing, I encourage you to check out some of his music pages. There’s a super interesting blend of classic and modern in there (see here, here and here for some examples).

      His chip orchestrations are super interesting and way, way better than your average rendition of Bach on a C64, as they’re rooted in a considerable understanding of baroque composition and interpretation techniques. He also has some original compositions that are really good.

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        I’m a big fan of the Chipophone. He took an old home organ, gutted it, and wired up the keys and pedals to a synthesizer that he coded entirely from scratch, which has capabilities about comparable to an NES or SID: eight voices, each one freely selectable between pulse, triangle, and noise, with a digital mixer, an automatic arpeggiator, a transposing sequencer, and an available drum bank.

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      Where will the madness end? We need to get tough on accordions again…

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        just as we are two weeks away from being able to stream “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” – the accordion can’t be stopped…