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Do you have any interesting plans for the weekend that are different from the day to day grind?

Weekend trips, meetups,side projects, or anything interesting?

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      I am working on forking filezilla,

      I have imported the svn repos into git and spent (wasted) a couple days trying to build it with debians reproducible build tools. Today I switched to docker and managed to build the whole system in there then run it on my host. Here’s the script I made.

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      Moving into a new apartment tomorrow, helping a friend move on sunday.

      Though I forgot to rent a truck and now everything is booked… I did find something, but it’s going to cost me.

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        Who else but a Québécois move on July 1? :-P

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          I’m moving over this weekend as well, and I’m from Florida as opposed to Quebec. If you’re going to move, summer is as good a time as any

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        I’m moving tomorrow too. Spent the past month packing so I’m not stressed for it. Going to feel like 45C in Montreal. At least it will not be on July 1st when the whole world is moving and feels like 48C.

        Good luck to you!

        I found this funny so I’d like to mention it: boxes are storage of spacetime. You pack things in the present, you have stored that time (saved it) in the future. It also takes up space. Thus, a box is a spacetime storage medium :D

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          Thank you and good luck to you as well! I’m starting to move at 7h30 so hopefully I can escape part of the heat..

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      Going to see the incredibles 2!

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        Same! Really hyped, it’s been too long since the first one.

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      The kid’s biological mom is picking him up from daycare and taking him back there on Monday, so the wife and I are going on a double-date with some old drinking buddies. Amateur pinball tourney followed by fine dinner followed by probably staying up too late with a bottle and a deck of cards. Saturday evening brings work for my spouse and for me probably arguing with my buddy about how much technology he vs I could build from scratch, you know, if transported to a thus far untouched desert island. Sunday, to be honest, will probably consist of binge watching The New Girl. Meanwhile, my mission to port postmarketOS to the NEC Terrain miiiight be suffering a little bit-rot. I’ll get around to it eventually.

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      Back to working on a hacking simulator side-project. It’s a “game” per-se with the intent of being a rogue-like (systems are hacked through for some purpose). Exploits can be employed as counter-measures to system security, with the UI being a console with a chat window to lead the “player” along. Commands are UNIX-like, but simplified.

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        Neat! I was working on a very similar game back in the day, but never really got too far past the initial UI (for time commitment reasons, frankly). I actually arrived on the idea of making the UI accessible by SSHing into a game server, which would then put you directly into a shell process, which itself was the game. This provided a zero-installation game experience that I thought would be neat.

        Anyway PM me if you want to chat more about your ideas!

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          Very cool! Deploying through SSH is a great idea and could open the world up to multiplayer (network attack and defend).

          One area that I’ve struggled with is how to achieve balance. One of the first exploits that you can apply in the game is the “sleeper” exploit which puts a security process (like a sentry) to sleep so that it can be killed. Once security is removed, other operations are possible like getting files (bitcoin) or pivoting to other nodes accessible from this node. I assume that other security processes would have higher security and the sleeper exploit would not work. But finding that balance between measures and counter-measures is difficult (outside of simple rock-paper-scissors mechanics).

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      I was supposed to go on a two day road cycling trip, but then did not only my wheelset have some problems, the organizer also had to cancel the ride, because too few people signed up.

      Bummer, I’ve enjoyed this ride very much last time.

      Now I’ve got all this time to spend on finishing a paper and doing a what I can only assume to be a very fun assignment with Prolog.

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      I’m going on a week long hut-to-hut bicycling trip, starting Sunday.

      Tonight and Saturday I’ll finish packing my bags, make sure my bike’s tuned up, and head to my friend’s house. Sunday we ride from the house to the Polar Star 10th Hut.

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      Catching up on sleep, because startup life.

      Also going to continue working on my educational talk for Incognito Conference, which although is pretty far out from now, I know it’s going to creep up on me and I’ll procrastinate otherwise.

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      Some friends of mine are leaving the city, so I am hanging out with them before they go. Otherwise I am continuing to push through Patterns in Network Architecture.

      If I feel like prototyping I might mess with an elixir implementation of a raft cluster, or just keep it simple and try to come up with an elegant way to wrap a restful API around an XML over SSL RPC service that I’ve been working on at $job.

      I also want to run and climb. So it goes.

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      Going clay pigeon shooting in the Peak District (Middle of the UK) for my mate’s stag do. Never done it before, so looking forward to it. Along with the usual shenanigans that come from drinking proper beer and sharing good company with other people.

      Also get to drive the Mini One (#ProjectBMW ) through the Peak District too, which is good fun when the road opens up and there’s no-one holding you up.

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      I’ll be writing up some explanations of how some of the fiction generators I’ve written for NaNoGenMo worked. (Among them: a comic book generator, a system that expands stories by adding parentheticals and footnotes, a mythology generator that plays up Sumerian scribes’ tendency to over-use lists, & a partially-completed screenplay generator based on Save The Cat.)

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      I finished decoupling Libra, and I learned a bunch in the process. I kinda ignored the TODO haha, I wanna work on that this weekend

      Also, I finally met the devs who do meetups and stuff in my city, so that’s also great