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    One more bug on ethereum, at which point they will understand that ethereum is definitely a bad idea ?

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      What in Ethereum is a bad idea? I personally think the implementation is not without flaws but the project seems pretty cool.

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        Because it assume the ethereum contracts are programs set in the stone and managing money without control. And to do so you must have free of bug programs. Such programs only exists in a very limited extent, as for example limited programs done for bitcoin.

        Each contract which has a vulnerability show that the assumption of bug free program don’t stand.

        Without bug,ethereum would be a splendid idea, but this condition don’t hold and as such, anybody putting money on any smart contract is very likely ot lose it. And as basically the whole ethereum promise is that the smart contract work as their creators says so. it is basically a scam.

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          “not without flaws” is an interesting way of spelling “a garbage fire of bad ideas in which it is almost impossible, even for experts, to write correct code”.