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    Hello lobste.rs! Author here, just found out about this site via my website analytics and got myself an invite :)

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        Thanks for tackling the question of how you try to calculate the remaining time without ignoring big/small files. And also providing some data for how this actually works out in the real world.

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          Thanks! I’m sure there are better algorithms possible for this than what I’m doing. I’m happy with it for now though.

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        GNU ddrescue has a really nice progress tracker, and is built for high copy speed. I use it to clone drives all the time from an Ubuntu USB stick. If you are using USB3.1+ and an SSD, you can clone drives at 400-500MiB/sec, which is quite something. But, like dd, it’ll work for any file or file-like device. Here is what the progress tracking output looks like.

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          It looks like wcp here can handle directories, which ddrescue can’t.