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    The strangest thing about this whole story is finding an Emacs user who hasn’t rebound caps lock to ctrl.

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      (author of the post here) I have tried caps as a ctrl, but I don’t like it, I think it’s almost as much of an emacs pinky trigger as ctrl on the outside! with my scheme I have a ctrl either side of the space bar, where I can key them easily with alternating thumbs, which works well for me.

      On this particular laptop, I think I am going to end up making caps lock another modifier (probably hyper) to use as a prefix command key. I usually have that as Ins, but that’s another key that’s disappeared on this generation.

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        Well to be fair I have ctrl on the thumbs too on my primary keyboard, (https://atreus.technomancy.us/i/layout.svg) but I could never make it stick on hilariously-oversized-spacebar keyboards.

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          Your keyboard is awesome, and makes more ergonomic and practical sense, but my thing is all about working on a laptop, portably. I don’t like to use external peripherals, so I try and find the best compromise with whatever is built in. Pretty ridiculous, I know, but I kind of enjoy the constraints.

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            Thanks! I typically use it with my laptop (sitting on top of the laptop with the internal keyboard disabled) but it’s definitely not for everyone.

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        Caps Lock can be used for other things like switching between keyboard maps, for example: Romaji and Hiragana, QWERTY and DVORAK, etc.

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          Not really. I tried it for a while, but never found the convenience worth the hassle of setting it up.

          And then it’s just one more thing making it look like I can’t type when I use a new computer.

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          Hahaha what a great problem. I would have laughed out loud too! As goofy as it sounds, I love this part of software engineering the most.

          And now, for the dumbest gripe imaginable:

          A vestigial organ, like an appendix,

          Actually, there is a good theory about what the appendix is actually for. If you have ready access to medicine, probiotics, and so on, it would have fairly marginal utility. But it’s not useless.

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            Maybe next year will be the year for Linux in the desktop.

            No, but seriously. I haven’t seen a SysReq key in a while, and this brought back memories of weird behaviors in the late 90s when I would try out random key sequences on machines I’d sit down at in, say, the Library. I’d see weird things like reboots occasionally, but nothing that would obviously bypass Fortres, giving me the ability to get more access. Of course, back then, I probably wouldn’t have known anyway…

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              Hmm! Recently my FreeBSD 12-CURRENT machines started reacting oddly to Print Screen… a total freeze for 30 seconds if not a minute. Could that be related? FBSD doesn’t have Magic SysRq as far as I know.

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                That seems like a different problem.