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    • You sign a waiver, acknowledging that handling firearms is inherently risky, and that the compiler is not liable for any damages, and proceed to shoot yourself in the foot.
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      Alloy: You declare a time when there is a bullet in the gun and no bullet in your foot and a time when there is bullet in your foot and no bullet in the gun. When you pull the trigger the bullet jumps out of your foot and scampers its way into the gun.

      J: You can’t actually shoot yourself in the foot, you can only shoot the foot of everyone in the building. You try to get everyone out of the building first, but accidentally give them all pedicures instead.

      Javascript: You’re given a selection of 2500 guns to choose from and no guidance on which one to use. The first gun you try doesn’t work, the second only shoots confetti, and the third is just the first and second guns taped together. Eventually you manage to shoot your foot with gun #832. When you share your experiences six people tell you that EVERYONE knows you’re supposed to use gun #1906.

      Prolog:- no.

      TLA+: You prove that misfires, gun jams, missing bullets, sneezes, errant seagulls, and lightning strikes won’t prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot. Confident in your foot-shooting guarantees, you pull the trigger. As soon as you do, time stops. You forgot to prove that the universe won’t implode before the bullet hits your foot. You get the feeling that Lamport Senpai is disappointed in you.

      VimL: You try to shoot yourself in the head but the bullet hits your foot instead. VimL knows you crave death. VimL wants you to suffer.

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        Erlang: Confident that your foot process will respawn as part of the body_sup supervisor, you send a message to the gun process. gun ! {shoot, foot}. Surprise! Gun is a NIF implemented in C. You blow up your foot, your leg, the gun, your brain, and all other organs, too!

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          I notice OCaml doesn’t have an entry. Someone should fix that.

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            I thought I’d read all of these before but most were new to me!

            The entry for Linux is the best imho.