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    I thought this kind of thing was the whole reason Wayland existed. (Nevermind the fact that multi-monitor fractional scaling already works in X and has for quite some time, all it was really lacking is a cross-toolkit spec to unify the applications).

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      Doesn’t different scaling on different monitors still require separate surfaces in X? As in, you can’t drag a window from one to their other? I remember that was a limitation some time ago.

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        Doesn’t different scaling on different monitors still require separate surfaces in X?

        No, and it hasn’t for a very long time (xrandr combines the monitors into one virtual canvas, you’d have to go back to the different screens feature in the original core spec which has all the different monitor settings but indeed ties windows to a specific monitor).

        But even with the relatively new xrandr techniques, since the X protocol, ICCCM, and freedesktop specs don’t actually specify, each toolkit and/or compositor can do their own thing. So your results will vary a lot with gtk vs qt etc. And xrandr’s built-in bitmap scaling it does by itself is pretty poor (it is just integer onto the canvas….. basically the same as Wayland has….) so you’d not want to use that unless you’re desperate. But, to be fair, even that basic facility still lets you drag things between windows. It is only the old multiple screen facility that tied windows since it didn’t combine the monitors into one coordinate space canvas.

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      How do I ssh -X with wayland?

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        waypipe will proxy Wayland messages similarly to ssh -X.

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        Does anyone know how to donate to specific parts of this project? I would love, love, love to see color management cross the line but couldn’t figure out how to help

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          You could try posting a bounty for the feature on https://app.bountysource.com/ then cross posting it to the relevant issue on their bug tracker.

          edit: I can’t vouch for bountysource specifically. It’s just the first bounty site I heard about.