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      Phew, no lobsters.feedback.

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      I’m of the opinion that most new TLD’s are a scam. A quick look at the name register I use, shows they’re currently offering tld’s such as “.apartments”, “.bargains”, “.bingo”

      Along with the slightly amusing “.website”

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        I’m also fairly certain that when non-tech people see a website like rent.apartments, they’re going to wonder a bit since it’s so different than the .com ilk they’re used to.

        At least, I’m fairly certain my wife is going to ask me. ;)

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      I did some research to understand what’s going on and here are my findings:

      1. IANA lists Top Level Spectrum as the sponsor of the .feedback domain. It seems Top Level Spectrum owns 6 gTLDs. I’m not sure what it means they’re a sponsoring organization. Do they manage the whole zone?
      2. Looking at the Registration Agreement it seems the software for collecting feedback is provided by a partner - Feedback SAAS.
      3. google.feedback, facebook.feedback, and netflix.feedback share the same contact info in the WHOIS database. (I’m not naming the person as he’s potentially innocent).
      4. stackoverflow.feedback and stackoverflow.com have identical WHOIS entries.

      Looking at the IANA Root Zone Database it seems they’ve created a huge mess (over 1500 domains).

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      Wow, someone has gone to a lot of effort - not only the effort creating the feedback sites but also the TLD registration (which costs $185K at a minimum if I’m not mistaken). I guess the theoretical payoffs are large though…

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        When it comes to these amounts, it’s probably “free” money.

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      By using trademarked words in their domain, they put themselves at risk for lawsuits.

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      Wow, that is crazy. Do you know who is behind this?

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        ICANN says the registry agreement is with a company named Top Level Spectrum. The state of Delaware says they are a corporation registered 2011-12-21. CrunchBase says they are owned by Jay Westerdal, who owned DomainTools (formerly whois.sc) and NameIntelligence.