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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I’m getting married :)

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        Congrats!!! May you dodge the traditional post wedding covid and have much marital bliss.

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        WOW congratulations! I hope you enjoy married life even half as much as I do :)

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        Congratulations!! Enjoy the day and be as present as possible, it goes by so fast!

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      Anchored in a bay south of Alaska, waiting for a storm to pass over the coast. My partner and I are devising a little sign language to talk about programming concepts(bitwise, branching, etc..)


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      Learning CSS Flexbox and writing my static site generator using Python, Jinja2, and Tailwind and using it to generate my blog.

      It is entertaining to use something I am familiar with (Python) and some not to make things.

      Outside of tech: Finally, Shanghai lifted the lockdown restriction after two months. Time for running!

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        Static site generator is my favorite way to learn a new language. It’s a good tour through filesystem APIs and third party libraries (for templating, markdown, etc) while being more complex than a toy but simple enough to crank out in a weekend or three depending on your proficiency. So far I’ve done this with Python, Go, and Rust, the latter of which is currently building my blog in production.

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          Very happy to know someone has the same thought about this :D

          Plus, it is very extensible for learning - for the initial version, I will just focus on making it minimum viable by using lots of existing tools and third-party libraries. If I am interested in a specific topic, I can replace the library (e.g. YAML or Markdown parser) with my version.

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        Very cool that you’re rolling your own! So many incredible libraries to choose from that will help a lot :)

        I’ve been using Nikola lately for my two blogs and loving it. Simple enough that it’s trivial to hack if you need to, but versatile and featureful enough out of box that I rarely do :)

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          Thanks, I never notice this Python library. I thought I tried Pelican once… Not my fav.

          Making something “from top to bottom” that I would use and have complete control of is really fun - I plan to make this SSG work and then make it more extensible (By this time, I think Nikola might help). Well, it’s still a toy for now, but it is already able to generate pages and let me write posts :D

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      Visiting Marrakech! First time in Africa, very excited! Anyone that has been there has any tips?

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        You should ask https://twitter.com/h4nnes since the Mirage hackers go to Morocco a lot

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      Enjoying the nice weather, and probably continuing Type Checker Rewrite N of N+1.

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        Cool! Type checker for what language?

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          My “what if Rust was small” language, Garnet. Type checking in general has been an exercise in frustration and “here’s all the things textbooks don’t teach you”, and I haven’t even gotten to borrow checking yet. I thiiiiink I’m getting a handle on it though.

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            If you ever feel like writing it, it would be cool to read a “here’s all the things textbooks don’t teach you” regarding type checking.

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              Thanks, but I am really not qualified to write it. XD

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                That’s why you are the one whose “…the things textbooks don’t teach you” I would like to read. Someone who is more qualified would probably forget to explain basic knowledge that I lack.

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      I finally finished a draft of the second blog post from https://lobste.rs/s/ctlhhi/what_are_you_doing_this_week#c_6l62j9 so I’ll probably:

      • work a little more how my blog presents post series (I did some this week, but I feel like something’s missing… anyone know of a blog that does this well?)
      • finish cleaning up the first post and get it posted
      • clean up the second post to get it almost-ready for posting
      • try to at least start the third post so that I know how to ~end the second

      But first, we’ll go sweat at a soccer match tonight. :)

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      Wandering aimlessly.

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      Hauling away 3 truck loads of trash from a house that my wife and I are renovating together

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      Well the plan was “absolutely nothing” which turned into “stop my pool pump from gushing out 20,000 liters of water” and “why isnt this dish washer working” and “god damn we gotta go back to the old place to get the washing machine hoses”. :D

      I’ve been writing smart contracts for a new tech also, it’s been fun!

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      I’ve got a going-away party tonight for the first not-an-existing-friend employee of a non-profit I helped to start. She was the first person we put tremendous faith in, and she took a chance on us knowing that our runway was about three months’ salary. She’s been the keystone in the success of the organization thus far and I’m bummed that she’s leaving. Her partner got a great gig on the other side of the country and our org has a local physical plant so she can’t easily work remotely. She’s joining the board of directors so she’ll still be around! It’s a bit of a rite of passage for me: the org I helped to start has momentum now and a great group of staff and board doing important work bringing Internet to people who the local duopoly left behind. It’ll also be the first time that most of us in the org have been in the same room: in February 2020, there were four people involved in running it and now there are more than a dozen.

      The local arts festival starts today and I’m going to it sometime this weekend.

      I might work a little through https://practice.rs, which has been on my TODO list for quite a while now.

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      Continuing work on a game jam submission, due June 15. I’m getting to the point where there’s little more that’s essential to gameplay, mostly the tutorial, but also camera management and some infelicities in the control scheme. I need to take another crack at graphics (currently just solid squares everywhere) and try my hand at some music. It’s been a decade since I last wrote a song for a game jam, as a big game music fan I’m tentatively excited, but I’m inexperienced and it’s miserable to struggle with low skill. Same for graphics, I might resort to taking photos and processing them into 2D textures if I get too frustrated with drawing.

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      Teaching myself more about the gorgeous simplicity of the Atari 8 bit architecture and re-learning the Action! programming language through this excellent Youtube series.

      If I manage to squeeze out even more time I hope to dig my Raspberry Pi 4 out of storage and install Uptime Kuma on it since we lost wifi to half our apartment without realizing it for a few days :)

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        Man, RPI4s are worth their weight in gold these days. I’ve been trying to get one at retail price for upwards of 6 months now, but at this point it’s more cost effective to get a Mac Mini (M1) for a low-power server.

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          Yeah this chip shortage is turning things upside down :(

          We’ll just look forward to 2026 I guess? :)

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      Driving down to attend a memorial for my grandfather which will be the longest drive I’ve been on with my little one. It will be a bittersweet weekend, I think. Hopefully I can punctuate it with some Chivalry 2 :)

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      This one is the “Update and upgrade weekend”, so basically I will try to do all the periodic maintenance work required many self-hosted services that I run. Lets hope it goes smoothly.

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      B-sides in SF! Also doing some writing: https://xeiaso.net/blog/the-oasis

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      Flying to Hawaii for a company retreat and my first week with the company for my new job! Helluva start to a new job, gonna be hard to top.

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      Driving to the other end of the country to see a friend for the first time in years; then heading back to the bottom of Scotland for a sailing course next week.

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      Finally back home after a long period of traveling so un-winding a bit and setting up my home office. Also working on a feature for Diva Labs for RSS indexing

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      I will plan a trip to California, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco, to be precise. Is anyone up for a coffee? Will be my first trip to the States…

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      I finally updated my quasi‑proportional code font (modified Iosevka) and I’ve made it easily available https://github.com/VulumeCode/Iosevka-Aile-Code

      Of course, be5invis did all the hard work. I just pulled in 2 years of updates and got it building again.