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    Re-decentralizing the Web distributed web medium.com

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    It’s quite ironic that the author chose to publish a post on that subject on medium. ;)

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      Definitely, I don’t understand why so many technical people still use it when there are great open source and federated alternatives like Plume.

      I think the post also discusses some interesting concerns around distributed computation such as network partitioning, database architecture, and so on. Whether blockchain is a good fit for this problem is certainly debatable, but I think the post is completely on point regarding the problems with centralization, and has a good discussion of problems that need to be addressed for decentralized solutions to become competitive. Personally, I think that ActivityPub along with open data formats addresses a lot of the same problems. Whether there is added value in making computation itself distributed is not at all clear to me.

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        I, for one, am excited to learn about Plume. I haven’t used it because I didn’t know about it. So, thank you. :)

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      • Complains that there are to many different specs that don’t communicate with each other.
      • Releases new specs that don’t talk to the others.
      • On Medium.