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    It’s hard not to throw things at my screen and yell “I told ya so!”

    The same goes for cars. Give me some tactile controls, not the Starship Enterprise.

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      Mazda is ditching them, I hope others follow suit!

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      The only real advantage of a touchscreen is its ability to change function.

      In a smart phone, this is essential, because you have a very small space which is sometimes a browser, sometimes a phone, sometimes a map, etc.. In embedded controllers, it can be a cost saving, in that instead of producing custom hardware to control different systems, you can mass produce one type of hardware and run different software on it.

      On the bridge of a ship you have plenty of space to play with, so there’s no need to pack too many functions into a single unit, and something as well funded as the US military shouldn’t be trying to save money at the cost of safety and functionality.

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        Touchscreens, mice and similar pointers all require continuous visual feedback. You can drive a car while looking on the road.

        This also explains while keyboard are more effective that mouse pointers in many ways.

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          As someone who developed a boyhood interest in the navy, and followed current and historical naval matters ever since, it’s sad to say the U.S. Navy has lost its way. That really came home when they dropped the surface warfare school almost all the fleet officers had to attend. It was an actual physical 6 month school with labs & field trips. Now that the navy has such a good pipeline from elite universities they can just throw a video course at young officers while deployed on surface warfare ships at sea.