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      I made a TypeScript declarations file for the API and a template that you can just copy and paste into VS Code and back into the browser for trying out the solution, in case anybody else is about to lose their afternoon on this thing: https://gist.github.com/steinuil/21b49b96eaaac4b792a0c69a7d82a4f9

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      A fun trivia is that Sim Tower started life as an elevator simulator: https://obscuritory.com/sim/simtower-the-vertical-empire/

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      Sadly it seems a bit buggy to me - some of the UI doesn’t work in Chrome (save / apply) and it didn’t seem to parse any changes to my program until the timer had elapsed and I hit “restart”, which was confusing. Seems like it hasn’t been maintained since 2015.

      Pity, because I love the idea.

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        I’m sort of hoping this post leads to someone sharing a fork or re-implementation that they know of.

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          Yeah, me too. I’d especially love to see a Typescript version, because then there could be type-completion and help in the editor.

          I’ll take a look at the code, but I suspect this simulation is more complicated under the hood than it seems at first glance.

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          Something with good error reporting for parse errors would be nice!

          The really surprising thing here for me is how well a naive solution works. Challenge 6 is the first one where a trivial algorithm doesn’t work.

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        didn’t seem to parse any changes to my program

        Works pretty well for me when I press the Apply button

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          How do you tell that it’s done something? When I click it there’s no change that I can spot in the UI, and if my program has an error it doesn’t seem to show up until I restart (wish I wish I could do on-demand rather than waiting out the timer).

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            When I press Apply, it does a restart for me. Based on what you’ve said, it sounds like it’s not doing that for you, but I couldn’t tell you why.

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      Someone did it!!! I’ve had roughly this as a game idea probably since the early 2000s when we were at uni and marvelled at how dumb the RMIT lifts seemed to be.

      I even have a note from 2017 with thoughts on how I’d like it to work. In my version it would be a native app and the solutions could be written in any language. The game would spawn your solution and converse over stdin with JSON (like how native host binaries work in web extensions). As well as optimising the passenger experience you’d also be scored on the CPU and memory usage of your solution.

      I see that this is not actually new, being submitted previously 7 years ago, which predates my Lobsters account.

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