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    This looks interesting, however all I can get from this page is a video which is so low-res that I can’t see the code. Is there a higher-res video I’m not getting for some reason?

    (Also, sidenote, it took me a few seconds to figure out that the page is supposed to be showing me that video… perhaps I’m just tired, but the widescreen layout of locals.com could do a better job of highlighting the actual content…)

    (Edit, additional sidenote: I thought clicking the “Technical Tuesdays: One-Page Chess” title might show me a longer article or maybe link to somewhere to see the Chess page running, but instead it pops up this thing… this is my first time seeing locals.com and I can’t say it’s a good first impression…)

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      I, too, see nothing but a low-res video on this page. I used the “suggest” link on this Lobsters story to suggest the video tag, which would let people know what to expect on the page.

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      Submission statement: This is an extremely simple page I built over lunch based on a conversation I had on lobste.rs At first I thought it was so simple as to be useless, but the more I think about it, the more I think I will follow-up with an afternoon of completing this app as a static, single-page application. (SSPA?) I think I can reproduce most of the rules of chess in a very small package where you can share games by links, and that’s kinda neat. It might make for a good teaching opportunity.

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        I wish all SPA-s were like this one.