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    I saw that it now supports SQLite — that’s impressive, and makes it something I could consider for my work projects.

    I’m not clear on how one handles platform differences at runtime which are normally resolved with ifdefs — like those annoying differences in behavior of socket calls between Linux/BSD — but I imagine there’s documentation on that.

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      After looking at the code base, it turns out you have to use lots of tricks to make it work. Checkout the http://redbean.justine.lol/ It’s an interesting http server.

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      There was a similar article a while ago, discussing how to build a binary that bootstraps itself in a way that does not require hard-coding the paths to other libraries during compilation, using various linker and execve tricks instead.

      I think this would be a great companion to this article, but I’m completely unable to find this article again, as every keyword I’m using either ends up with Cosmopolitan or StackOverflow 101 questions.

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          APE is Cosmopolitan. It’s the same thing.

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            Yeah, I see that now…