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    Interesting to me is the comments (yes, I know comments are typically the worst place on the Internet), but the commenters are ill-willed, and malicious.

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      I’m trying to dream up a non-malicious use for such a device. Theft deterrence?

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        To show people it’s possible? Try telling somebody “Don’t plug USB sticks from the parking lot into your work computer. It might even explode.” Likely reply: “That’s just an urban rumor.” Now you can prove somebody actually did it.

        Similar rationale for Project Zero exploits, etc.

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          Similarly it has always surprised me when I see people using free usb charger ports (at airports and hotels), given things like this.

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            When I read the article my first thought was the BOfH would just love it!

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        How do you test that you’ve built it correctly ;~)