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      This was a bit of a sore point for us in GNU Octave. An enthusiastic GSoC student gave us an initial JIT compiler implementation using the LLVM C++ “API”. As LLVM made new releases, our implementation bitrotted to death. I guess we could rewrite it in C, but none of us has enough knowledge to do so.

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      From what I’ve heard, there have been similar complaints in the past.

      I’m going to eventually have to submit patches to libclang myself, but I have no idea how the approval process over there is like.

      IMO it’s not bad. Arguably in some cases it’s too easy (no automated regression test suite to gate your commits). But I suspect if you’re adding features to libclang they’ll be well received. You can browse other changes reviewed on https://reviews.llvm.org to see how they’ve gone.

      PM me if you want any help getting your change reviewed/accepted. I’m not a code owner so I could review your change but it makes more sense for one of the owners to approve it.

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        Thanks for the tips. Not sure when I’m going to get around to trying to contribute though.

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      I can’t read this article without somehow getting redirected to a “club” offering free Walmart gift cards.

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        I’d suggest installing an ad blocker. Not to read this particular blog post so much as because this is a good illustration of just how rampant malicious ads are on ad networks these days.

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          Yeah, I tried on my phone and got lucky.

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        Ugh, sorry about that. I guess that’s just wordpress? I don’t know of a better place to have my blog at.

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          github pages seems to be trustworthy still

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          Use GitHub Pages. Or DEV. Or NeoCities. Or, heck, even Medium (Medium has four different analytics packages, but even they don’t use an ad network).

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          I like GitLab Pages

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          I self-host Wordpress on my friend’s Dreamhost instance. Could open up a spot for you. :-)

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          SDF offers comparatively cheap hosting: https://sdf.org/?tutorials#web

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      I’ve had the same experience, and the general advice I read was that you have to customise the C API to what you need, same goes for the Python bindings. No thanks.