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    This is the type of blog post that should belong in some piece of documentation IMHO.

    I don’t need this right now, but when I will need it, Duckduckgo/Google will give me SEOized search results which will be crappy, and I will never find this high quality piece of content again :(

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      There’s this thing called a ‘bookmark’, it’s built in to your browser and can be synced between machines as well. :-)

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        I think it would be easier for me to find it in some crappy SEOized search results, than the bookmark mess I have accumulated over the years. :-)

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          I understand. I had the same situation about two years back.

          One thing that helped me was putting all of my bookmarks into a text document with titles. I use Markdown, for several reasons:

          • I can open it as a pinned tab and have it display nicely.
          • All of the bookmarks can be links, allowing me to open them from that pinned tab.
          • And most importantly, I can use Markdown headings and subheadings to break my bookmarks down into categories and subcategories.

          I have an OpenBSD subcategory, and that’s what the bookmark for this article went into.

          If your bookmarks are in Chrome (or one of its descendants), you can export your bookmarks as JSON, and from there, you can turn them into a Markdown list.

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          Right. But how much of this content wasn’t posted on lobste.rs, and I never stumbled across it, and am therefore missing?

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        I always think bout using openBSD some time. Right now I run freeBSD on my server, but if I ever have to redo it I might try openBSD.

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          I believe OpenBSD runs on bhyve, if you want to try it without removing FreeBSD.

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            Oh interesting. I have not looked into virtualization on BSD, but might soon as I want to run a factorio server on my freeBSD machine.

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