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Half-hour introduction to designing effective lessons in a repeatable, evidence-based way.

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      I think he misses one thing though.

      There are also expert learners out there.

      That video is nice for a novice teacher teaching mediocre learners at novice or competent level.

      The click click click through bullet point as he reads drives me nuts. Where are the slides? Why can’t I run this video at 1.5x speed? This is tooooo slow for me.

      I’m not sure he is as expert as he claims… I have seen papers that indicate the 7 plus or minus 2 thing is pretty debunked.

      The one useful take away that was new? The idea of TDD’d via starting with the exercises.

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        Slides are here: http://third-bit.com/lesson-design/

        I don’t get when he claims to be an expert. Are you sure he does?

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