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    Am I the only person who prefers a glossy screen?

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      Among developers, you are certainly a minority. Among the general public, you’re probably a member of the leading class ;)

      Glossy screens offer higher contrast and more vibrant colors, matte screens offer less glare and more accurate colors. It’s a matter of taste.

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        I wonder why people are so vocal about matte screens, because I don’t think there’s dispositive reason for choosing one or the other.

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          I prefer them as well, for a couple of reasons. First, they are easier to clean as @mjn said. Secondly, they are less likely to break when five-year-olds stab your screen with their fingers/pencils, which has happened to me before when baby-sitting my cousins while coding.

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        I find them easier to clean, at least. :) Current Apple glossy screens don’t seem too bad in sunlight either (once you clean them). I haven’t tried a glossy PC laptop recently.

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        Nice. Would be great if there would be selection criteria for trackpoints and the type of trackpoint buttons, if it’s possible to chose the keyboard layout during purchase, and if the keyboard is centered, i.e. without the separate number block.

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          Isn’t a sufficiently dusty glossy screen a matte screen? 2 for the price of one.

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            Well that’s depressing.

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              What’s depressing?

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                The amount of effort necessary to find out if a laptop has a matte screen in the general case?

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                  I was referring to the amount of laptops to my taste with matte screens: there’s apparently zero.

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                    I found the same thing. Apparently there aren’t any modern i5/i7 13" laptops with a matte screen. There is a Core M offering from ASUS but I don’t know if that will be suitable for my needs.