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    I’ve expressed this desire as well. When I enter flight info as an event into my phone’s calendar, I want the timezone to be “local time”. I don’t want to figure out which timezone it is or anything like that. I want the 4pm flight to result in a 2pm notification that says “go to the airport”.

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      Let’s just get rid of timezones altogether.

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          Oh I know, I still think we should get rid of timezones, or at least make UTC time the default for most communication

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            I think that in an ideal world we’d use GPS or TAI for designating exact moments in time instead. Both are based on atomic clocks and neither have leap seconds. (I think they’re very nearly perfectly in sync with each other, but with something around 30 seconds difference between them because each was started at a different point in history.)

            I don’t think there’s anything wrong with treating UTC itself as just another local timezone with an offset (very fine) from the time standards that we keep using atomic clocks. AFAIK this is how UTC is defined in reality, even though it doesn’t get exposed to most of us that way.

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            Surely most programmers would want abolish time zones? The only tricky thing is you now can’t say I have a 9-5 job, because that only means something to a specific segment of the world (Well two if you count 9:00PM too). We pretty much have to throw out all concept of “when anyone in the world views the sun at a particular point in their sky it is this time”.
            Unfortunately you can’t get rid of daylight savings away from the equator, unless people are ok with starting or finishing work outside daylight hours for part of the year (but apparently that can increase depression).

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              For people who work inside buildings, it’s probably not a big deal either way.

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                But they move towards those buildings twice a day and sometimes go to lunch outside.

                Sun exposure has drastic effects on mood, even if it is short. In winter, I often work from home for two hours and then walk towards the office for an hour.

                (The obvious solution being abolishing the notion of fixed start and end times for work, where that’s possible, DST is a hack)

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            And abolish DST while we’re at it.

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            Huh? So, when I create an event in Google Calendar on the web, there is a Time Zone link, so you can set the timezone of when the event occurs. It gives me notifications at the proper time when I travel.

            Now checking my phone.. if I click “More Options” there is a timezone to set as well.

            Ok, so maybe we’re talking about voice commands? Then, you’d manage this with a trip itinerary or travel itinerary, and establishing that context is a matter of google knowing your travel plans (hi gmail).. this seems like it’ll be pretty solvable problem.

            Anyone else baffled by this post? I understand many people aren’t diligent about entering in timezone information into their calendar, but if you travel more than a few times a year, you get in the habit of pretty quickly.

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              Well, my flight to Munich leave at 6:30pm and arrives the next day at 8:50am. Which time zones? I don’t know, that information isn’t displayed. So now I have to go look that up when what I want is shut up and let me enter a time.

              Next, somebody asks me what time my flight lands and I look at my calendar. It oh so helpfully tells me it ends at 2:50am because it’s converted it to my current time zone. Now I get to play the reverse game and convert the time back. No. Just stop.

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                Google calendar also includes separate start and end timezones.. specifically for flights. Mine shows me time zones when I set them something different to my current (just tested this).

                … and you can view your calendar in multiple time zones? https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37064?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&oco=1 << is what I do when I’m planning my travel. On the desktop I use the “world clock” Labs setting, and click on the event, it will show you it’s times in any configured timezones.

                The google calendar interface being poopy to get these features, I completely understand. I just use these every day, and so I’m having a hard time understanding this blog post.

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                  Oh, I could have been more clear I’d been using the iphone calendar. I recognize all the same problems and frustrations, though. And there are multitude of options to tweak the iphone calendar’s handling of timezones as well, but none of them of do what I want, nor do I care enough.

                  Long ago, I could write 8:50am in a pen and paper day planner calendar and it would stay that way, just like I wrote it. That’s all I ask of a software calendar. In the end, I mostly just keep events as notes in a text file now where I can be assured if I write 8:50am, it will stay 8:50am and nothing will fuck with it.