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    Author here. Thanks for the link!

    I fully plan on updating it to work with my new intimate hardware control library soon! (https://buttplug.io)

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      So, would you consider yourself more of a backend developer or…?

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          Huh .. so somebody also already written that article. I’ve seen some other libraries here and there that are designed to connect to bluetooth sex toys and it really makes sense. Why would you use a phone app that’s transmitting all your choices back to the mothership where they store all of it to figure out what settings people seem to like, in order to sell you more crap.

          It makes sense that people in tech would be like “no” and start writing these tools.

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            Hah, there’s a good chance those libraries were mine too. I started Buttplug after realizing I was putting out a ton of disparate libraries when people would probably just like a generic way to control as much as possible.

            On the selfish side, it’s a learning platform for me too. I hadn’t used C# in years but needed it for the bluetooth LE stuff on windows, hadn’t built a big node JS app before nor used a frontend framework, and this is a fun generic problem to throw different tech I want to learn at. We can go all the way down to the silicon (if you want to get into high def haptics or hardware with multiple DOFs) or all the way up to the pure UI/UX level.

            There’s tons of unsolved problems throughout the whole stack. If you solve one of them, someone hopefully gets a better experience and is probably really thankful and happy. If you don’t, well, it’s probably still good for a laugh and a youtube video.

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              I found that one I was thinking of:


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        I’m humbled by the amount of work that has already gone into the protocol and documentation!


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          Thanks! Doing our best to make everything understandable and usable. :D

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          BTW, for anyone interested, I also run an engineering focused youtube channel on sex tech teardowns, service internals, and technical analysis (and also sometimes shitposting):


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          the video for this is hilarious.

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            The same dev has many projects for all kinds of kink tech stuff. This is his github org https://github.com/metafetish

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              This article really helps cement the need for a nsfw tag.

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                It has “sex toy” in the subject line. I’m not sure that an additional nsfw tag is quite warranted.

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                  It has “sex toy” in the subject line. The nsfw tag is entirely mandatory, so it can be filtered and that subject line isn’t showing up on people’s screens at work.

                  I am extremely militant about appropriate tagging of NSFW content, because as stupid as it may be, people’s jobs are potentially at stake. The potential harm is nontrivial, and the cost is extremely low. If the tag is inappropriate, so is this story; and I would like us to be permissive enough to consider and maturely discuss content like this, regardless of the strictness of our workplaces.

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                    These are fair points. I’d generally argue that if somebody is at a job where the mere string “sex toy” appearing in a text corpus is enough to get them in trouble then they should leave, but I understand that that isn’t always possible.

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                      Respectfully, I live in the american south. I would love to organize with my fellow laborers and overthrow the shackles of capitalism, but until that day can we please have an NSFW tag?

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                        Might have channeled angersock there, sorry. Was just frustrated with the apparent callousness of the link poster in the meta, and I let it leak out here.

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                      I’m completely on board with this. I spend a lot of time skirting the SFW/NSFW line extremely closely in what I make, but while my work usually doesn’t involve actual porn/nudes/etc that would be visually considered outright offensive, I still consider it NSFW ‘cause, well, it’s sex, at all. So unless you work in some sort of content or hardware production related to the industry, it usually /is/ NSFW.

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                      I look forward to being the constant recipient of that tag.

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                      “Endorsed by RMS!” ;-)