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    1. You can always define your own language for that. It is pretty simple.
    2. Use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git/attributes and you will not need to add any extra configuration to Git.
    3. As author of Elixir integration I would say that it is not that hard to add support for your language to Git directly.
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      Did you send your changes to Git and it got integrated? That’s pretty cool :)

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      I have been tweaking my favorite git diff settings for quite a while. This is what I currently have in my bashrc:

      alias my-git-diff='git -c diff.color.old='\''15 1'\'' -c diff.color.new='\''15 28'\'' -c diff.color.meta='\''16 8'\'' diff --word-diff=color --word-diff-regex='\''[a-z0-9]+|[^a-z0-9]+'\'''