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    As much as I enjoy Apple’s 2016 MBP refresh schadenfreude, I do worry about what is next for the MBP. Can Apple backpedal on these things? Or will they hunker down, continue tweaking and stay the course?

    History suggests the latter, but I want to be surprised.

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      Lenovo backpedaled on their courageous decision to eliminate the top row of keys from the keyboard. Apple may be immune to such user pressure though.

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        It’s looks more like Apple is setting the trends, just like the disappearance of the 3.5mm jack, now that Google is following suit with their Pixel 2 phones.

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      I still like my old, bulky TP X200.

      On top of trouble-less servicing, I can run blobless coreboot just fine.

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        Bulky? Since when does “has space for an Ethernet port” place a laptop into the bulky category?!

        That said, I have an x200s and it’s great. I’m still working up the courage to install core/libreboot.

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          Honestly, since a few years ago. I’m currently on my 2015 model XPS 13, which I’d consider fairly thin at 1.85cm, but even it is rather far from the least bulky laptop you can get your hands on, being almost 50% thicker and heavier than Apple’s MacBook.

          That’s not to say being “bulky” enough to have space for an Ethernet cable is a bad thing; different priorities for different use cases and all that. I, for example, much prefer this machine with actual active cooling and a proper Core i5 CPU than passive cooling with a Core M.

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            Actually, Ethernet port doesn’t really matter here. There are much thinner notebooks with Ethernet port.

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              Really? I don’t have mine with me right now but I seem to remember the Ethernet port taking up most of the vertical space.

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                Newer ThinkPads (like X270) are thinner.

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                  There are some (like the original Librem) that have fold-down ethernet ports to allow less vertical space still with a full-size port when in use

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                    Are there any others that have that? I had been planning on ordering a Librem, but then they removed the ethernet port from the design.

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            Aside from this, the Mac keyboards just aren’t great on your wrists/hands/fingers to begin with. I switched to an ergo keyboard and mouse about a year ago and have been pretty happy with the change.

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              I might be the only person in this thread who likes the new keyboard. I use a 2017 15” Macbook Pro with Touchbar for work and find the keyboard easier to type on than my 2015 13” Macbook Pro. I like the reduced travel distance and what I perceive as a louder click when typing.

              The thing that changed my life, however, is setting CAPS LOCK to be ESC. I’ve done it across all of my computers now and would not have done so without Apple giving me a nudge when removing the physical ESC key on the Touchbar Macs. I don’t miss CAPS LOCK at all and the travel distance to ESC is so much more pleasing.

              I do have problems with my hand sometimes brushing the touchpad if I’ve not positioned my wrists correctly. That’s a little aggravating but I’m largely over it now in the ~4 months I’ve been using this machine. Turns out I never really used the media keys much except for volume and pause/play so I don’t mind the touchbar and the extra info it can provide in many modern apps I use (e.g. Chrome, Outlook).

              To each their own?

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                I can totally see switching caps lock to be esc on the touch bar model. However, people who use the CTRL key a lot, like people running Windows or Linux or spend their day inside the terminal in macOS, might find it useful to swap CTRL and Caps Lock. Vim users might then want to start using CTRL+C instead of Esc to enter normal mode.

                Especially people on MacBooks or Lenovos where the Fn and CTRL keys are all wrong should consider swapping the buttons if they ever use CTRL for anything.

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                  Set caps lock to BOTH Ctrl and Esc!

                  X11: xcape (like this)
                  Windows: AutoHotkey (like this)
                  macOS: karabiner-elements

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                    Is there a High Sierra work around?

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                      I haven’t tried it (I’m still on Sierra) so can’t confirm, but the Karabiner Elements repo suggests it works on High Sierra. Karabiner Elements still has far fewer features than Karabiner though.

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                        There wasn’t, the last time I checked.

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                          A shame. I’m still on 10.11 and I won’t upgrade because my workflow depends on karabiner.

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                      Just a warning for potential users of this setup: ^C and Esc aren’t exactly the same in vim. A major difference is entering text [count] amount of times (like 3i or 4A): hitting ^C to enter normal mode will only insert the new text once.

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                        That’s true. My .vimrc has the following lines to make ^C act as Esc in normal and insert mode:

                        nmap <C-c> <ESC>
                        imap <C-c> <ESC>
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                          You could use C-[ instead. It’ll work everywhere without any mappings and is equivalent to ESC.

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                      Yeah, I concur. I like the new keyboard, even coming from a cherry MX green keeb on my desktop.

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                      I don’t understand Apple’s obsession with pushing for thin machines when it raises issues like this. Why the need to shave off more millimeters with every new laptop when the keyboard is not that nice to work with anymore?

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                        I don’t understand Apple’s obsession with pushing for thin machines when it raises issues like this.

                        They most likely didn’t anticipate this issue, and overall, a really thin and light computer is great.

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                        The people Apple actually makes money on type on a touch screen. That’s where their priorities lie.

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                          I mean, Apple makes laughably huge margins on their notebooks, it’s just swamped in the hilariously ludicrously disgustingly ginormous margin on their phones.

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                          My pet peeve with these keyboards is the lack of a physical escape key. As a Vim user, I can’t live without that!

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                            As a vim user, I strongly suggest mapping caps lock to escape. And then buying a computer with a keyboard that feels good to type on.

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                              Again, that muscle memory thing. I’m fine with most standard keyboards. Just don’t take Escape away from me!

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                              As a vim use I feel like I couldn’t survive vim if I had to use the escape key. Highly recommend mapping kj or jk to escape, or at least capslock to control and then using ctrl + [.

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                                That’s a change I could have made 15 years ago, maybe. At this point the effort to retrain muscle memory is just not worth it.

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                              I am no fan of the new MacBooks – it’s the first real clear regression in Apple’s laptop range, IMO, but I also don’t use my laptop keyboard unless there’s no other alternative. Maybe it’s just because I’m an old, but I can’t stand using a laptop keyboard and screen for longer than an hour or so.

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                                This was the third trip to Genius Bar but only first repair? What happened the first two times?

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                                  OMG, using em-dashes to separate the date components in the header…

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                                    First, nobody forces anyone to buy a macbook. (I don’t want to rant). I can recommend Thinkpad keyboards, especially the one of my X1 Carbon 5h. Gen, except that you then have to deal with HiDPI on Linux which is no fun. Second, the website is not made for fast scrolling, it looks totally broken if I scroll to the bottom of the page, possibly because of some fancy lazy loading.

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                                      except that you then have to deal with HiDPI on Linux which is no fun

                                      But it is currently improving very quickly. I am running the latest stable GNOME on Wayland on Arch with 2x scaling (fractional scaling is still experimental) and most stuff seems to work now. I am using a MacBook Pro most of the day, but Linux has really gone from years behind to close enough to be usable in just a year.

                                      (I hear that X.org is a different story altogether, no different scaling for different displays.)

                                      Second, the website is not made for fast scrolling, it looks totally broken if I scroll to the bottom of the page, possibly because of some fancy lazy loading.

                                      And the moving wrinkles are as annoying as the <blink> tag.

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                                        HiDPI worked ok on Xorg at least two years ago, at least until you plugged in a low-DPI screen, because it could not run them in different modes.

                                        And I quite dislike the 2x scaling. In 1x everything is too small, in 2x everything is way too large. I ended setting GNOME to 1x and Firefox to scale 1.6x which worked ok.

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                                          latest stable GNOME on Wayland on Arch

                                          I’m experiencing quite the opposite, in fact I switched to Cinnamon until this scaling issue is fixed.

                                          Everything is fine unless you use two displays with different scaling (even when you use only one of them). Say for example you have an external monitor with normal DPI and a HiDPI laptop display then the window borders/icons and probably something else is scaled two times on the external display even when the laptop lid is closed, ignoring the scaling factor which is set.

                                          I hear that X.org is a different story altogether, no different scaling for different displays

                                          Yes, this feature will only be available for Wayland.

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                                            Did Cinnamon fix that problem for you?
                                            I use Cinnamon and still have that issue, but it’s entirely possible I am just missing something.

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                                              Not entirely, i.e. it can’t scale each display differently but the window borders respect the scaling factor in contrast to Gnome where they follow the scaling of the highest DPI screen (even when it is turned off).

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                                            idk about different scaling for different displays, but I have one single 1.5x scale (4K) display, and just adding Xft.dpi: 144 to ~/.Xresources made everything look pretty much perfect in Xorg.

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                                            just got the 5th gen x1c (wqhd) and am very happy with it. I disabled scaling though and use i3. Some stuff still seems messed up (vlc is HUGE, i don’t know if it’s still scaling or the scaling factor reset on reboot or something).

                                            I just increase the font size on firefox and in the terminal and feel fine without scaling.

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                                            I was fortunate enough to get a new MBP as my laptop at work. I won’t say it’s “ruining my life,” but it definitely made up my mind that I won’t buy one for myself.

                                            Something about the keyboard makes my fingers feel lost so I type slower, and not having a physical escape key throws me off a few times a day.