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    Annoyingly, it’s not clear from the URL that this is a Medium link. Medium links should be banned. Not only is Medium’s entire site a bloated frustrating design mistake, their paywall is impassible. (The “cached” link doesn’t have anything saved.) I’m not going to pay for a subscription to something just because someone posted a link to it on Lobste.rs.

    In fact, one of my criteria for paying for journalism is that it not have a paywall! I bought Low←Tech Magazine’s print on demand books and put in a donation to their LiberaPay, for instance.

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      Outline link for medium article. This seems to be free of bloat.

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        mhmm, the submitted link is a 302 redirect to the article, which is at https://onezero.medium.com/todays-webcams-are-boring-so-i-brought-back-a-classic-291cc7c94c76 . dunno if it’s possible to change the submission to the actual article link, but it would be nice.

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          This is off-topic, but here you go: There was a thread on https://lobste.rs/s/bykzkm/hide_medium_com_as_personal_filter_on and apparently, you’re not the only one with strong feelings. But it resolved differently back then. You may use the linked userscript or try a writing a patch for lobste.rs.

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            their paywall is impassible

            laughs in uMatrix

            Low-Tech Magazine is cool though, didn’t know they had a LiberaPay.

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              I’ve never had an issue with Ublock Origin set to block javascript, either. Credit at least to Medium for sending the article within the HTML.

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            Link to the github repo with the print files etc. https://github.com/maxbbraun/pisight