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I would like to known which podcasts (tech and non tech related) does the community listen to.

This are the main podcasts I listen to.

Tech related:

Non tech:

PD: If you can, also tell us how do you listen to your podcasts. I bought pocketcasts and it works really well on iOS and web but I would like to use a CLI app on my workstation instead of a webpage.

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      First up, I use Overcast on iOS, speed boost is THE best feature of any podcast client on any platform. It tells me I’ve saved 146 hours of time off that bit alone. Which for super slow podcast speakers is a godsend.

      Podcasts: Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

      Waking up

      Accidental Tech Podcast

      Born Yesterday note, it is on a bit of a hiatus i hope :/



      Common Sense


      Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History


      The Haskell Cast

      Hello Internet

      Ice Station Housman

      Infinite Monkey Cage

      Naked Astronomy

      Lexicon Valley

      The Gist


      The World This Week

      You Are Not So Smart

      I might find more someday, but for now thats most of em.

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      I recommend the award winning No Agenda Show, of course. Independent, ad-free, listener supported media analysis and deconstruction, presented by writer for PC Magazine John C. Dvorak and radiohost Adam Curry who is aka “the podfather” - a nickname given to him by none other than Steve Jobs himself. They have made close to 850 shows and the show is currently in its 9th year.

      Full disclosure: as the hat says, I’m their sysadmin. It’s something I do for free to support their show.

      Listen old episodes via http://mp3s.nashownotes.com/ or live every thursday and sunday morning via http://noagendashow.com/.

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        I remember Curry’s Daily Source Code, one of if not the first podcast. I learned a lot from Curry and wish he still did the DSC. But he can also be something of a paranoid crackpot at times :)

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          Cool, yes, the DSC is what caused Jobs to dub Curry “the podfather”. Pretty cool. I agree, he sure can be a crackpot, especially in the early days (2008, 2009). That’s how he got the nickname ‘the Crackpot’, with John’s more moderate approach earning him being called ‘the Buzzkill.’ They offer the perfect dose of entertainment vs media analysis and deconstruction.

          But since ‘08 the world got crazier too, so the difference between the two is not as big as it used to be, haha. So if you last heard Adam around that that '08-'09 time period then I’d suggest to listen to recent No Agenda episodes, just to hear how much he progressed if for nothing else. He (AC) and it (NA) keep getting better as I see it.

          In fact, these days people even joke that Adam and John should swap nicknames: dubbing John the Crackpot (he can be hilarious) and dubbing Adam the Buzzkill for how serious he can be. They sure came a long way.

          As did I, I’m lucky to have been helping out since before NA was even conceived, when Adam was doing his latest (from 08) DSCs. Of which there may come more in the future, btw.

          And few people know that AC is a tech geek who sure knows his way on the CLI. That was a pleasant surprise when he asked me to do the system administration… Didn’t have to build custom web forms, I could just ask him to use sftp to upload the mp3s after he’s edited them after recording the show.

          He’s also a huge proponent of Dave Winer’s efforts on OPML and RSS and so on and knows a lot about that. He still manages to impress me.

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      my client of choice is overcast

      overcast also has a web interface, and handily lets you link to timestamps, for example https://overcast.fm/+-AUY1FjM/56:00. makes it simple to share a podcast with someone who has no idea what they are.

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      A few I like (in addition to Garbage and the two Software Engineering ones you mentioned - also faves of mine):

      • BSD Now - Very FreeBSD (and ZFS!) focussed, but a nice review of the week in BSD news, with an interview each week. If you like entertaining rants, I can highly recommend the two episodes where @bcantrill was the guest.
      • bsdtalk - Shorter and less frequent than BSD Now, typically topic-focussed episodes.
      • The Changelog - Focussed on open source development. I tend to pick and choose episodes, but nice way to broaden my knowledge.

      I’m also working my way through some of the AWS re:Invent recordings from 2014 and 2015 (there are so many of them!). I don’t listen to anything non-tech (not sure what that says about me?).

      I use Overcast on my iPhone to listen to them. Works great in the car on my way to work (and the speedup feature works like a charm).

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      I use Overcast on iOS, and listen to only two podcasts right now (both not tech related):

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        Hello to Jason Isaacs.

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          Also Fairport Convention, David Morrisey and Stephen Fry!

          In a happy coincidence, Jason Isaacs was actually in an episode of the West Wing.

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      I listen to podcasts on my iPad and iPhone using the default Podcast app. I have been trying to find a podcast app that also lets me download certain YouTube channels for offline viewing but I’ve failed so far.


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      I use Pocket Casts to listen on my phone - I usually listen to podcasts on the move anyway, and the UI is pretty slick.

      As far as podcasts go, non-tech-wise:

      • 99 Percent Invisible, a great show on architecture, design, urban planning, and much more. I love their focus on the wider (sociological, political) implications of the topic discussed.
      • Thinking Allowed, a BBC 4 show mostly on sociology.


      • Cognicast, the Cognitect podcast on Clojure,
      • Functional Geekery, a cool all-around show interviewing interesting folks from the functional world.
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        good link, if you like Functional Geekery, check out The Type Theory Podcast: http://typetheorypodcast.com/ Same idea, interviews with big names in functional programming.

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          Thanks! I really liked the Type Theory Podcast, but they seem rather inactive – I’d love to hear more episodes.

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      http://www.thetalkingmachines.com — Machine learning news.

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      Listing the ones not mentioned so far.

      radiolab anyone?

      physicscentral A bit niche, but they grew on me.

      I use podcastaddict on Android.

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      Similar to @ericdykstra I’ve struggled with technical podcasts, as I feel as though I am not absorbing the content. However, podcasts I tend to listen to a lot are:

      • Idle Thumbs - entertaining stuff about video games
      • In fact anything on the Idle Thumbs Network is probably worth a listen, they’ve got in depth interviews with game designers, strategy game chat and a Netrunner podcast
      • The Adventure Zone - three brothers and their dad play DnD. Worth starting at the beginning. Can be completely hilarious.

      Having said the above about technical podcasts, I did enjoy the HaskellCast. Wish there were more episodes though :(

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      • RubyRogues - A Ruby podcast that isn’t specific to Ruby; the panelists discuss a lot of general development topics.
      • Security Now! - Episodes are long, but full of security news and low-level details of how various things, such as hardware and protocols, work.
      • Changelog - Discussion with authors and maintainers of open source projects. Deals a lot with “trendy” technologies, like Node and Go, but it’s interesting to hear about how various people got started with their projects and programming in general.


      • How Did This Get Made? - A humorous podcast in which the panelists review bad movies and ask the question: “how did this get made?!”
      • Cool Games Inc. - A podcast in which the hosts go through submitted game ideas and use them to come up with ridiculous game ideas.

      I use AntennaPod on Android, which has served me well for the past few years.

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      I’d give a shout outs to:

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      For general tech news - https://twit.tv/shows/this-week-in-tech

      For security news and concept explanations - https://twit.tv/shows/security-now

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      I use Downcast for iOS.


      • Software Engineering Radio
      • Adventures in Angular
      • The Bike Shed
      • JavaScript Jabber
      • Ruby Rogues (Not a Ruby developer, but they cover a lot of general software development topics)


      • Writing Excuses - 15 minutes long because you’re in a hurry and we’re not that smart. :-)
      • The Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast
      • The Tolkien Professor
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      • Le Show, Harry Shearer - I’ve been listening for at least 30 years, and nearly all of them are available on-line. He’s humorous, but moreover, informative on issue and aspects that are not widely available in popular news sources. (cf. he’s the bassist for Spinal Tap, if kids know who that is these days, and for decades was the voice of many Simpson’s characters) The Le Show archive would make a tremendous resource for historians of the late 20th / early 21st century.
      • WTF with Marc Maron - I don’t usually know or care about his interview subjects, but he’s so good at it, I listen to almost every interview
      • The Canon - two movie critics debate movies re: whether they belong in the “canon” of great movies
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      The Jeff and Casey Show - a pair of bitter game developers shitting on everything

      I used to use the podcast app that came with my phone but the UI was unusable and it would mark an episode as listened to if I stopped within the last x%, which I always did because my commute was that long. Considering buying a £20 mp3 player that can pull tricks like “play all these mp3s sequentially” so I can start listening again.

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      Defensive Security The episodes last around an hour and are – for me at least – fun to listen to

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      The only one I listen to these days is the Cognicast, and I only catch every third episode or so.

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      Shop Talk Show by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert is pretty good, the format is loosely based on NPR’s Car Talk, more so in the earlier episodes. They manage to cover current web dev related topics in a funny and approachable way.

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      I really enjoy Data Skeptic.

      It’s a mix of mini episodes where the host explains a technique or algorithm through a conversation with his wife, and longer episodes - usually interviews with researchers. Insightful and ad-free.

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      I started listening to BSDTalk some years ago. Now these are some of the ones I recommend (not mentioned yet like garbage.fm, SE Daily and thechangelog):

      Tech oriented:

      Non tech:

      There are some more in the growing awesome list of geek podcasts

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      I personally have found almost no value from technical/programming podcasts. I’ve tried a number of them, and the only one I say subscribed to is Ruby Rogues, and even then I delete 80%+ of them without listening based on the topic and/or hosts. It’s just not a very good format for learning about the subject for me.

      If I have a good block of time and can put 90% of my focus towards listening, I generally get more out of audiobooks than I get out of podcasts; both fiction and non-fiction. However, I do a lot of listening, so I still find a lot of time for podcasts. Here are my regulars:

      • The James Altucher Show. James is a fantastic interviewer. He reads the books of the people he interviews before they’re on (often more than once), and it really shows in the interview. He knows the talking points of the guest, so he already has perfect follow-up questions. I’ve learned a lot from these shows, and picked up a number of books based on what is talked about in the interviews. Only complaint is that sometimes guests' audio quality is not the best.

      • The Tim Ferris Show. Another interview show. Tim lets his guests speak, and this means you get a really deep background into the interviewee, and then he digs into the details. Sometimes it falls flat, but other times he’s able to get his guests to explore topics that they wouldn’t give in other, shorter interview settings, or maybe even topics that they’ve never explicitly thought about before.

      • Giant Bombcast and Giant Beastcast. Ostensibly about video games, but I just enjoy the banter of the guys on both of these podcasts. I also don’t spend a lot of time reading about video games, so it’s a good place to hear about what’s new in that world.

      For other podcasts I’m generally rotating through and trying out new ones all the time. Here’s just a list of the current ones that I’ve been listening to for a little while and haven’t given up on yet: Fangraphs Baseball, The 404 Show, Freakonomics Radio, FoundMyFitness, 10% Happier with Dan Harris, The Three Month Vacation Podcast, Retronauts.

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      I always enjoy the (very) infrequent update to Why Are Computers. http://whyarecomputers.com/

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      Partially Examined Life - A few guys go over a philosophy reading, and talk about it without assuming the listeners have previous knowledge. It’s especially interesting if you’re curious about a philosopher or topic, but not sure whether you should dig into the primary text etc.

      I usually just download an episode and play it with the default music player. I used overcast when I was on iOS.

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        If you like philosophy, I also recomend these two podcasts:

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      History with a compelling storytelling approach:


      Nerd shit:

      • Drunks and Dragons - a “Real Play” DnD podcast by strange, entertaining people
      • Radiolab, 99% invisible, etc. of course. BTW Radiolab has a really nice new series about the Supreme Court called More Perfect

      Politics: 538 elections, NYT’s The Run-Up, Open Source with Christopher Lydon sometimes when he has an interesting guest.

      Tech: I haven’t had good luck with these podcasts, although I will try some of the ones linked here that I haven’t seen before.

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      I have used the built-in iOS podcasts app, Overcast and Pocket Casts, I keep returning to Pocket Casts.

      A few I havent seen mentioned yet:

      History Of Rome - What it sounds like, over now, something like 175 episodes

      Liftofff - space news, every 2 weeks

      Ungeniused - they talk about a random weird wikipeida article for 20 minutes

      Alt+F1 - Formula 1 Commentary and race reviews from 2 video game guys

      99% Invisible - Like “This American Life” only shorter and less emotional