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    I remember the pie menus in Neverwinter Nights. They worked great.

    Radial menus are relatively unknown and unused. I never understood why., as they minimize the travel distance, dependency on a feedback loop (scanning the usual vertical menu, moving the mouse the exact distance and then clicking) and the needed overall effort: Just right click and move in a set direction, which can easily become muscle memory.

    Only tangentially related: I miss AmigaOS style menu.

    It had a killer feature, which was to be able to select or toggle options without closing the menu. The trick is that the menu needed right mouse button to be held, so it could be released on an option or you could leftclick without releasing, causing the option to trigger without closing the menu.

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      Overwatch uses radials in-game and they’re indispensable for non-voice comms during gameplay. I wish more games used them but they get unwieldy after two levels.

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      Both pmenu and xclickroot are now available in the FreeBSD ports:

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        Thank You.

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        Enlightenment used to have radial menus in some of it’s themes, way back, before rasterman started working for Redhat

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          pie/radial menus are awesome - https://blog.prototypr.io/putting-the-rad-back-in-radial-menus-66ea76a39acc is a good post on them.

          Combine with one of the better hardwares from Microsoft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6q5tGDNZPQ