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    This is a really interesting article for FVWM3. Not too much seems to be tied to NetBSD other than installing packages and things like the exact volume control commands.

    Also it’s maybe obvious, but a screenshot of the result is at the very bottom.

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      What’s up with the shrunken “mc” and “vi” windows (?) on the left of that screenshot — I’ve long since forgotten anything I ever knew about mwm… does it shrink/dock windows like that?

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        twm-like window managers often minimize windows by putting an icon on the root, I think that’s just a preview of a minimized window.

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          This says a lot about users of the desktop today… goodness me.

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            It says a lot that I haven’t used CDE since the 1990s? There’s a lot I’ve forgotten in the past 25 years :-)