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Who would you recommend new mastodon users follow? What are your mastodon ids?

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      I am @amolith@nixnet.social. As far as recommendations go, that really depends on what kind of content you’re looking for.

      • @jbauer@pleroma.paritybit.ca is a cool guy who posts tech, privacy, fox pics, music, and a lot of other stuff
      • @manton@nixnet.social is an IRL friend of mine who has similar posts to mine but less frequently. We work on running NixNet together.
      • @mike@fosstodon.org and @kev@fosstodon.org are definitely good choices if you like tech. They run Fosstodon.
      • @Seirdy@pleroma.envs.net has a lot of good takes on tech and privacy (I’m sure you’re beginning to see a theme here)
      • @toast@toast.cafe is another good one. I don’t necessarily agree with everything she posts but her arguments are always very well-thought-out and it’s good to interact with people who have different opinions 😉

      I just scrolled through my timeline and picked a few other people I’ve enjoyed interacting with at some point.

      One of the better ways to find people who post about stuff you’re interested in is by looking through the lists on Trunk. It’s just a big list of lists of people grouped by topic. You’ll find everything from fountain pens and geology to Spain and Vim.

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        Thanks for all of these and Trunk seems like a great way to seed ones experience.

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      fosstodon.org seems like a nice community with nice people on it. I’m @mattrose@fosstodon.org as for follower recs, I don’t really have any, but if you join fosstodon and introduce yourself you’ll get loads of people saying hi.

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      I’m at @x@toot.icyphox.sh. As for people to follow, some good accounts:

      That’s all I can remember off the top of my head. You’ll find people to follow as you use the network.

      Similar post from a year ago: https://lobste.rs/s/ywghuj/crustaceans_fediverse_where_are_you

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        Just a word of caution regarding Alex Gleason. He seems to be a dedicated dev in the ActivityPub ecosystem, but his hot takes on some subjects make him quite unpalatable at times.

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          As far as I can tell he’s famous for being a bigot; I would strongly recommend adding his domain to your block list.

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            I would strongly recommend adding his domain to your block list.

            I preferred to challenge his more obvious bad takes directly instead of ignoring them. I didn’t get a feel that he’s a bigot, personally, just a troll. He blocked me after a couple of weeks of doing this unfortunately.

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      I’m @kev@fosstodon.org. I run the Fosstodon instance with my friend Mike. Fosstodon focusses on tech and open source software. We’re a friendly bunch…most of the time! 😊


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      I’m @Phate6660@fosstodon.org.

      I’m in agreement with mattrose, I think Fosstodon a great community as well.

      You’ll get quick and friendly interaction there, at least based on experience.

      And there’s tons of interesting stuff to see there.

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      I’m still @robey@mastodon.technology. Some of the accounts I seem to enjoy most, for tech talk:

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      @jamesog@mastodon.social - although I rarely post as I largely forgot about it :-(

      I imagine if I found a decent iOS client I’d use it more. Does anyone have any recommondations?

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        Toot! Is an excellent app for iOS, I’d highly recommend it.


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        @freddyb@mstdn.io, but also stopped using it and forgot about it. Looking for recommended mobile clients as well.

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          For iOS, I would probably recommend FediApp. If you’re on Android, Tusky or FediLab are quite popular. Husky is a fork of Tusky that supports additional features that Pleroma has, such as Markdown posts, chat, significantly higher character limit, etc.

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            I use Tusky; it’s the best app I’ve used on Android. (though there’s not a ton of competition for that tbh)

            It supports higher character limits and rendering markdown posts now; maybe it didn’t a while ago. Husky is most well-known for removing Tusky’s block on white supremacist instances.

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              Tusky is specifically a Mastodon client while Husky is specifically a Pleroma client; you can of course use one with the other but they each add support for features implemented by their respective platforms before the other. For example, I just installed Tusky and it still has no reactions or chat while Husky does because both of those are Pleroma-specific.

              Husky is most well-known for removing Tusky’s block on white supremacist instances.

              I would argue that Husky should be known as a Pleroma client because that’s what it is.

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      My account is on Merveilles. I guess I can recommend accounts that I follow already. 🙂

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      bsd.network/@law, but as you can see I post… infrequently

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      I’m @enkiv2@eldritch.cafe. Most of my posts these days are automated or semi-automated (from my massive and ever-growing archive of interesting links).

      I’d recommend following:

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      I’m mariusor@metalhead.club. I mostly talk about my ActivityPub related projects.

      From the people I recommend for a follow:

      Daniel Stenberg of cURL fame.
      Sergey Bugaev works on wayland stuff and some interesting esoteric platforms.
      Drew DeVault - a lot of knowledge about various things, very little empathy for people that don’t share his opinions.

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        Drew DeVault’s Mastodon seems to be deleted.

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        ddevault ragequit the fediverse a few months ago.

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      I would say it mostly depends on your interests, but since I also used posts like this one to find an initial set of people/organizations to follow, here’s my current list: https://s.ovalerio.net/users/dethos/following

      I haven’t reviewed the list for a while (something that I should do soon, since some are inactive or don’t make sense anymore), but it has a set of accounts where I found interesting content at some point in time.

      My account: @dethos@s.ovalerio.net