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    Nyxt browser 2 pre-release 2 browsers emacs vim

Release article: https://nyxt.atlas.engineer/article/release-2-pre-release-2.org


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    Why have you not linked to the article in the submission itself?

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      I just wanted to provide a little background, should I have linked to the article instead?

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        The submission guidelines provide details.

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          I have read them before. Maybe you can explain why you think I should have posted a link to the article itself.

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            The point to the submission is to be taken to the content, not an editorialization or promotion of the content, which is clearly being done in this case. It says this clearly in the submission guidelines and placeholder text.

            Please don’t use this to promote the story, summarize the post, or explain why you posted it.

            If you are confused about the guidelines, you should message a mod for clarification or join the chat on IRC and ask there.

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              I see, thanks for the explanation, I’ve removed everything but the link text!

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                I’d kill the story, and resubmit properly.