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    In addition to being a good blogpost, I have an ulterior motive here. @lonami’s asked a while back if submitting his own stuff was okay, and we said it was fine, but he hasn’t taken the leap yet. So I’m taking it for him :)

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      <3 – This post in particular was made back when my blogging skills were pretty “young”, and I posted it because I found it really fascinating when we got the lecture at university. Too bad we glossed over it because we ran out of time. There’s quite a few fun things I learned there, calculus was also really cool (for someone who didn’t dig up too much into math on their own before).

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      You could find similar content in other places, but the interactive graph ⇄ matrix view at the end is interesting.

      Apart from that, the link to the Spanish version is 404.

      I would also propose to have the link text be in Spanish, since in principle, if you can’t read English you would not figure out that a Spanish version is available. I realize that pretty much everyone interested in the subject is going to know at least enough English to get that, it’s just a general principle which becomes more important when the languages have different alphabets/ideograms.

      So, instead of “Don’t know English? Read the Spanish version instead.” I would have “Don’t know English? Lea la versión en Español.”: the first part tells English speakers why there is a segment in another language, the Spanish version speaks to those that don’t speak English.

      Looking around your blog, there are other 404 links, like the Spanish version of “Sentences”, and the English version of “Writing our own Cheat Engine: Multilevel pointers”: the previous part, “Code injection”, is fine.

      I would suggest setting up some 404 detection mechanism, either as part of your build pipeline if you use one, or a web crawler like wget. There were command line tools specialized for this, but it has been many years since I looked into that and I forgot their names.

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        Thanks for your feedback! The Multilevel Pointers was a draft not meant to be published yet but I pushed it in a rush trying to fix a different thing and could only partially delete the page. The blog used to be hand-written HTML, but I moved to Zola recently-ish because that was a pain, so I’m not surprised I missed a few links.