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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Working more on my high fantasy novella. I hope to have drafts of the first few chapters done by the end of this weekend.

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      Awesome, keep us posted!

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        Hey, me too! Though, mine might be closer to a short story or novelette.

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        Learning more Ada and continue dabbling with SPARK. You can turn SPARK on/off for portions of the program, so you can sketch out parts of the program in Ada and then as things stabilize confine them to the SPARK subset for verification without doing it all from the get-go. I have never been very interested in formal verification before, but I am very intrigued by this approach.

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          I’ve been aware of Ada and SPARK for years, but never really used them. The story linked here a few days ago about how and why Ada should be used really sparked (ahem) my interest and I ordered the “Programming in Ada 2012” book. I’ll be giving that a read, time permitting.

          Do let me know how Ada works for you. It seems quite interesting and something that I’d like to see have a bit of a renaissance.

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          Dive more into Kubernetes. Maybe someone has good resources?

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            https://learnk8s.io/ is a good one

            However, in K8S, I think the best is hand-on experience, do it and. you will understand why a certain thing has to do that way. To recep some concept inside out:

            • A Deployment to run our app
            • A service to group pod and its port
            • An ingress(load balancer) to route traffic to those pod
            • An ingress controller to create that ingress
            • Secret to map env to our container
            • Config map to share file config or simple keyvalue store which can be mounted as file/directory, yes, crazy but imagine you can YAML a json blob and expose it as a single file
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              I highly recommend Kubernetes in Action. I used it to ramp up on Kube when I joined a new team at my current job.

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                I followed a couple of pluralsight videos, and while I generally prefer written material - at 1.5x speed it was a good way to get a quick overview over k8s (eg: things like ingress not being standardized).

                Apparently the courses I took has been retired, and replaced by courses that we need a different licence/plan to access. I guess maybe we’ll drop our subscription, if it turns out it’s stopped being useful. It’s not even obvious why the new courses aren’t part of our subscription, or what upgrade options we have… Sigh.

                So, I guess I cannot recommend pluralsight after all.

                I did see this - but I have not taken it (or any edx courses) - but I’m definitely considering it for myself: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-kubernetes

                Ed: having signed up and had a brief look, this seems frustratingly slow paced - I’d be happy if anyone have other resources to recommend.

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                Revisiting my Scheme compiler and language server. After watching Programming Obesity: A Code Health Epidemic, I was inspired to rewrite the Scheme parser with the depth-vector approach shown in the video: for performance, an entire syntax tree can be encoded as a single contiguous 2D array of ints, with each node tagged with its depth in the tree.

                Ideally, I would use one of the multidimensional array SRFIs for this. But most of them, including the most recent one (SRFI 179), have no non-reference implementations. So I wrote my own functions on top of SRFI 160 homogeneous arrays.

                So far it’s coming together decently, but I don’t know yet if there will be much performance benefit.

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                  Texas opens vaccinations up to the general population on Monday, so Sunday we’re driving over to a location where we were able to schedule vaccination appointments for my wife and me and staying in a hotel for the night so we can be there first thing in the morning.

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                    I believe I’m currently suffering from a hormone imbalance. I hope I’ll get the blood test results either confirming or disproving this theory in the post tomorrow. (Insert comment about the state of digitalization in Germany here.)

                    Assuming I’m right, I’m not sure what I can do about it immediately, as my endocrinologist’s office is closed at the weekend, but I’ll be trying to get some professional advice to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

                    If the results come and the hormone levels look normal … I’ll probably be collapsing into tears and wondering what on earth else could be causing the symptoms I’m experiencing.

                    (It’s also possible that the results won’t come until Monday. Then I’ll just carry on being stressed about it.)

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                      Fingers crossed for you! Having done a lot of work with hormones, can confirm their being out of whack can produce the oddest, most unrelated-seeming systemic problems.

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                      I’m not 100% certain yet, but over the course of the last few weeks I’ve been slowly talking myself into giving the unix tool treatment to a small itch.

                      I’ve been working on a sort of off-label YARA use that just doesn’t need the same firepower as the tool integrations I’ve been able to find. I can best describe the likely result as a thin shell dispatch/callback wrapper for rule matches in YARA cli output. It smells like a building block, so it feels like a shame to build it into my direct project where it’d be more of an implementation detail…

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                        I actually got this ~done over the weekend, but it was slower than I wanted. I ended up futzing with performance-hacking it, a bit.


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                        Trying to get spam in control for my app an email forwarding service. I have been dealing with spam in last 2 weeks and I learn that gmail is the best when dealing with spam. They are very smart and filter by content. They implement burst-able so if you suddenly has a spike they slow you down but will eventually accept your email and analyze it. On the other hand, hotmail/icloud are the dumbest. They blindly flagged the IP and called it a day.

                        My actionable items:

                        • Improve rspamd
                        • Train rspamd somehow to have better filtering
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                          Trying to stop thinking about Azure Stream Analytics. Been debugging scaling issues for over 2 weeks now though think I cracked it yesterday.

                          The sun is out so I think I’ll dig up some weeds in the garden and wash the car.

                          Perhaps I’ll do a bit of a write-up tomorrow if I’m feeling better about it.

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                            • Checking that Arq restores correctly, having upgraded from v5 to v7 this week.
                            • Fixing a toilet that refuses to flush (syphon need replacing)
                            • More bike riding, done just over 125 miles so far this week
                            • Finish servicing the car, only done spark plugs so far. Air filter & oil/filter change to do. Maybe wash it too.
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                              I installed Citrix XenServer on my previous gaming computer and started a few Debian VMs:

                              • One for downloading torrent with Transmission over a ProtonVPN connection .
                              • One for http reverse proxy with Caddy to expose a few services over https with auth.
                              • One to create my own Gitlab runner and attached it my projets.
                              • One for Plex

                              So basically having fun!

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                                  Going out to events organized with my app. Also probably work on the app. (socializus)

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                                    Writing up the first pass of a thesis chapter for my third book. I’ve gathered enough material that I think I can give a detailed thesis a shot, even if it needs a lot of rework as time goes by.

                                    I’m also playing around with Haskell on VS Code. I really like the idea of Haskell, but I never can seem to pull the trigger to make something interesting with it. For whatever reason, it continues to seem to me like a math-toy language: fun for kicking around small ideas, but not ready for large-scale work and deployment. (I know that’s not a fair judgment, but for whatever reason it seems to resonate with me)

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                                      Swapping my home firewall/router box from pfSense to OpenBSD. Drama aside, the cumulative decisions Netgate has made over the last few years haven’t aligned with me, and pushing through a buggy version of Wireguard (and then pulling it) was the last straw.

                                      I did a trial run last weekend in a VM and it was fairly straightforward. Biggest issue was getting DHCP leases to resolve in DNS. pfSense has its own script for solving that, I had to combine unbound & dnsmasq.

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                                        Might try to work on my programming language more. I really want to get over this roadblock I have with the type inference setup, but it looks like it will require changing large chunks of the AST and IR, which ripples on to everything else in the program, which just isn’t much fun…

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                                          Spent most of the day manhandling a 90kg heavy duty rotavator around my allotment! Am absolutely knackered now. Going back tomorrow for a second pass, hopefully, unless my muscles are still screaming abuse at me still.

                                          Also hope to code (well, copy from a book) a small minesweeper game in python with my nine-year-old child.