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    Detractors will say “this is just freedom for techies and serfdom for everyone else”, but you’ve got to start somewhere and also retaining independent tech skills at the local level is important. If you outsource skills to centralized organizations then you also cede power.

    I’m reminded of The Future Will be Technical.

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      I think a big problem is the apps aren’t really cohesive; it’s just a big bundle of them. It means authentication, access control, navigation/UI, management, etc. is all going to be inconsistent, and everyone only wants a certain cross-section. For those technical users, they’re already used to administrating their own servers and deploying what they want through whatever means they’re familiar with (some containers, some not, etc.)

      It might be radical, but I think focusing only on a smaller section of application and making them consistent (so they can be treated the same way from an admin and user perspective) would be a good idea. Something like Nextcloud is arguably already moving in this direction; it provides APIs to host applications, including storage and auth; an appliance based on it could make a lot of sense.

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        This is how things work at present. There is a web administration system and user accounts are managed from there. NextCloud is also supported as an app.

        I think trying to host things inside of NextCloud would be a bad solution. It’s a good system, but it is in danger of becoming a highly complex “kitchen sink” of all possible things. Where you have high complexity you also have high maintenance needs and development costs. From a maintenance and cost point of view, it’s better if apps are narrowly scoped and straightforward to maintain.

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        I find the website font astonishing hard to read.

        Edit: Fixed. Awesome.

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          I’ve switched to the very minimalistic blog theme, which might now be better.

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            It looks more legible to me!

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              On your main site (libreserver.org), my mouse cursor doesn’t change to a pointer when I hover over links.

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              And Reader View wouldn’t kick in for me, either. Annoying.