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An argument for using event-based JSON parsing to improve user experience when downloading lists of records.


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    It doesn’t negate the basic point, but the chart on slide 6 is nonsense. It doesn’t appear to measure anything (it just presumes the time=# of records). Moreover it then uses a non-linear scale against a linear scale to create the illusion of exponential growth in the non-streaming case, despite the “data” not indicating anything of the sort.

    Bad charts are made to mislead people into decisions they wouldn’t otherwise make. The pitch here appears to be solid, so there isn’t any reason to water it down.

    I should note that the speaker may have covered all this in his talk, but it’d be nice to say that it is a silly chart in the slide notes.

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      You’re right, that is a weak and misleading slide. I’ve updated the speaker notes to say so and will replace it if I do the talk again. I blame the Pecha Kucha format of the talk… I needed something to display while I finished my point about the previous slide.

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        For what it’s worth, I did another (slightly longer) version of this talk and changed the offensive slide. The new slides are here: https://speakerdeck.com/stig/sbjson-4-dont-make-me-wait

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        Video for these slides are now up at: https://vimeo.com/86478323