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    I knew learning Japanese would come in handy one day.

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      Speaking of lisp and chinese cartoons, SICP has been a meme on /g/ for years. GOOG has many more.

      There are days I wonder how many people got their start in programming through that.

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          I got my pdf of The C Programming Language from one of those images.

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            That meme gave birth to textboard.org, an anonymous bulletin board in MIT/GNU Scheme.

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              Don’t let your memes be dreams, gentooman.

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                In my defence, I haven’t been on /g/ (nor any other part of that website) since 2012 and I’ve been a Scheme hacker since only 2017.

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                  Ironically, textboard is hosted on Gentoo Linux.

                  (I am just making this up)

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              In Japan, bookstores are full of very cute manga guides for various programming languages, databases, operating systems, … With real stories and everything in it.

              And, those books are not intended for children particularly, they are intended for students or professional IT engineers!

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                It’s odd that we don’t see that in english-language programming books. (Closest I can think of is the pseudo-narrative of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, where the author compares each programming language to a popular film & uses references to the film to explain language concepts.) Maybe it’s because of the “two cultures” (still unfortunately common in CS undergrad in my experience, but a common enough comic trope in anime that I can’t imagine people in japan really taking it seriously).

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                Obligatory comment, just in case someone didn’t know about existence of The Manga Guides available through No Starch Press.

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                  This looks interesting — but it still can’t be as good as the Poignant Guide To Ruby

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                    I learnt FORTRAN from The Coloring book….


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                      What next, FORTRAN the breakfast cereal? FORTRAN the flamethrower?

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                        I learned to program from “My Computer Likes Me (When I Speak In BASIC)”, which wasn’t a coloring book but was pretty fun(ky). Put out in the early 70s by the People’s Computer Company, a group of Bay Area techno-hippies.

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                        Hah! I posted this to the #lisp channel at work with the comment “looks like Lisp has its own Poignant Guide”

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                        I found this in my links file. I can’t really understand anything, but I still think it’s a funny idea. Does anyone know how one could get something like this translated (if it hasn’t been done yet).

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                          There’s a whole cottage industry of unauthorized manga translations. Searching for “fansub” should turn up some communities … join one and ask for help?

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                            Manga communities would probably be scanlations.