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    i decided to install antergos rather than vanilla arch on mine. can recommend; it’s just an arch distro with a few nice conveniences added on top and a more streamlined install process.

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      Windows Modern Standby (Si03) is the one and only reason I’m glad I was impatient and bought an X1C5 instead of waiting for the 6. (Well, that and I saved about $300).

      A sleep mode that doesn’t actually sleep, and requires proprietary ACPI extensions, where do I sign up?

      Just another example of Windows (and I’m quite sure OS X is guilty of this too) thinking it knows better than me what I want my machine to do.

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        Your description is more or less on point.

        That said, and this is what really gets me, is how Lenovo completely ripped out default S3 support. Hardware is completely capable of supporting both, but they took it out as a default.

        Luckily the arch community created a great patch for fixing this issue across all linux machines (and BSD, iirc). Once I got S3, my standby time went from maybe 8 hours to somewhere greater than 2.5 days going by the drain rate between uses.

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        I’m even more of an idiot than the author, so I just used Anarchy Linux (previously Arch Anywhere). It worked like a charm on the first run, which I found surprising and impressive given my previous bad experiences with Linux installers.

        My only complaint is that the website is down a LOT. On later installations, I would often encounter 404s because the anarchy-linux repository was unavailable. The workaround for this is to not opt in to the extra anarchy-linux repository (I’ve personally deleted it from my list because nothing in there is more useful than what’s available in the AUR).