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    Moving from Linux, though, could have upsides for Google. Android’s use of the technology, which is distributed by Oracle Corp., is at the center of a lengthy, bitter lawsuit between the two companies.

    I am confused. I thought they were confusing Linux with Java, but the very next paragraph addresses the Java situation.

    A previous version of this story was corrected to make clear Oracle link with Linux.


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      If I had to guess, the reporter writing the story couldn’t imagine them spending the resources to replace something in Android and have that thing not be what Oracle is suing them over.

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        lol… I think they just referred to Java as “Linux” in the correction as well 🤣

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        Fuchsia has already landed Lobsters some months ago.

        I’ve found this article interesting because of this passage:

        Some of the principles that Fuchsia creators are pursuing have already run up against Google’s business model. Google’s ads business relies on an ability to target users based on their location and activity, and Fuchsia’s nascent privacy features would, if implemented, hamstring this important business. There’s already been at least one clash between advertising and engineering over security and privacy features of the fledgling operating system, according to a person familiar with the matter.
        The ad team prevailed, this person said.

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          This is the main reason why I trust Apple more than Google. Apple’s and my interests are better aligned.

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          Every time I read over coverage like this I wonder how Flutter will fit in. Are they targeting Dart on Flutter for cross-platform app development? Could Fuschia become the new core for ChromeOS, Android, and WearOS?

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            I believe (my opinion, based on observation) that Google wants to compete better in native app experiences to drive more business adoption, and ultimately, their play for Fuschia is as a direct competitor to Windows and macOS. ChromeOS requires being managed by Google’s domain facilities. Fuschia might support arbitrary management through ActiveDirectory, etc, making it a more appealling choice for larger corporations.

            The scary part in this plan is that the “ad team won.” That makes me nervous.

            Flutter/dart is the equivalent of Cocoa/Swift, and .NET/C#, but it happens to work on those other platforms too. So, “Hey native devlopers! Your porting efforts are lesser if you switch to flutter! And then they’ll work on Fuschia, too! We’re attracting tons of new interest. You can be one of the first native apps that works on Fuschia, and maybe be a launch partner.”

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            Not surprised. Oracle’s Java copyright lawsuit going the way it is, Google is going to be license price extorted if they stick to Java so they pretty much need to kill Android if the lawsuit succeeds. Working their own version also gives them the copyrights so the ruling will be helpful in maintaining a tight grip on the new platform.

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              As I understand it (and as noted by alva above), Fuschia competes with Linux, not Java. It’s a microkernel, not a language VM or a language. The article was technically confused – the Oracle line was just a throwaway and not terribly accurate.

              Java is going to be in Android forever, simply because there are hundreds of thousands of apps written in Java. Kotlin was a logical move because it’s very compatible with Java.

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                I assume the thing everyone is kind of getting at is Flutter, which is the preferred IDE for Fuchsia and it’s not Java-encumbered.

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                  flutter’s not an ide is it?

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                    no, Flutter is a UI framework written in Dart. I think one of the main selling points is that it’s fast enough to avoid c++, and friendly enough (as seen by JS/web developers) to make it easy to make a nice UI with (without resorting to something like electron).