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    Right now if you want to build a web service in Python there are many tools you can pick from, but most of them live in a very specific part of your stack. The most common tool is a web framework and that will typically provide you with whatever glue is necessary to connect your own code to an incoming HTTP request that comes from your client.

    However that’s not all you need in an application. For instance very often you have periodic tasks that you need to execute and in that case, your framework is often not just not helping, it’s also in your way. For instance because you might have built your code with the assumption that it has access to the HTTP request object. If you now want to run it from a cronjob that request object is unavailable.

    I’m not convinced that unifying all these things is actually the right thing to do. It might be nice to have API compatibility but do I really want my stateless microservice to easily be running cronjob-like work? IMO, no, definitely not.