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    Reading this, about how flatpak works better if you use more flatpak and what type of improvements are coming/needed, I am wondering: if this system is mature, will it not just be like another Linux distribution?

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      Problem: developer doesn’t support OpenSUSE, only Ubuntu.

      Solution: Install Ubuntu on OpenSUSE.

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        Not really. There’s lots of stuff that the host distribution does that flatpak does not care about. Including running all the standard services, providing user sessions, managing the persistent state of the apps, etc. Those are pretty much out of scope for flatpak and there’s no reason for it to include them.

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          Though most of that is so low-level and old-hat (except maybe systemd, but still) that having only the base by the distro and the apps from Flathub feels like Flathub being the de-facto distro.

          Hands up how many of you think of coreutils when you think of apps? And how many think of Firefox? ;)

          Not saying that’s good or bad, just that with 20 years since running a pseudo-distro friends and I made off of LFS, it would be a fun experiment to see how bare you can go and use “only” Flatpaks.