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      This is a great tool to have when managing dconf settings: https://github.com/gvolpe/dconf2nix

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      Nice, but fairly clunky. Instead of dconf.settings."org/gnome/desktop/screensaver".picture-uri = "file:///run/current-system/sw/share/backgrounds/gnome/vnc-d.png";, it would be cool to be able to do dconf.settings.org.gnome.desktop.screensaver.picture-uri = ./vnc-d.png;

      Wish I had the time to add this sort of thing to vanilla nixpkgs.

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          Good point. The main change, though, was that the entire settings structure was an attribute set rather than having to deal with obtuse strings like “org/gnome/desktop/screensaver”.

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      It’d be interesting to apply this to other things too - i.e., the macOS user defaults database.