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WASM is close to standardizing tail calls. It just needs a second web browser implementation, which is in this PR: https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/pull/2065

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    Tail call support in WASM is exciting news if you are using C, C++, Zig to generate your WASM. Even though tail call is not yet in the C, C++ standards, Clang has a musttail attribute that forces a function call to be compiled as a tail call, and this feature now has some important use cases.

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      Thanks for sharing the article on parsing Protobuf with musttail, very insightful.

      I am also very exited on tail calls to move forward, I am somehow biased since it’s a colleague that did the JSC work. Standardization side obviously there might still be many months ahead before things are properly finalized, but I think it’s a welcome step forward.

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        It was submitted here a while ago. Here’s the discussion, in case you want to see the comments it got then. https://lobste.rs/s/ffssdz/parsing_protobuf_at_2_gb_s_how_i_learned