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    Ooh, interesting. I program in C fairly regularly, and I didn’t know about macro calls in #include statements

    This is valid preprocessor:

    #define ARCH x86
    #define ARCH_SPECIFIC(file) <ARCH/file>
    #include ARCH_SPECIFIC(test.h)

    I like it

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      Whenever I’ve done any hobbyist kernel devel, I’ve preferred to have something like an include/x86_64/arch folder and and include/arm/arch folder. Then I’d have, in the Makefile, cc -I include/${ARCH}, and in *.c:

      #include <arch/whatever.h>

      IMO it’s cleaner than symlinks (which I’ve seen in certain projects), and less likely to confuse than

      #include ARCH_SPECIFIC(whatever.h)
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      Very fun! Some are even useful.

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