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      SSH into my laptop was a no-go. I have no idea how to expose my laptop to the internet in a way that works, let alone is safe.

      Tailscale? I use it to SSH into my home server from my phone all the time.

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        I somehow became convinced that Tailscale works by relaying any and all traffic, and didn’t trust the free tier as a result. I’ve now learned that that’s not how it works.

        Still, I like that I can take a photo with my tablet’s camera and add it to my website while my laptop is powered off in a different city.

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          You can also host your own coordination server https://github.com/juanfont/headscale and UI for it https://github.com/gurucomputing/headscale-ui, and use Tailscale’s apps.

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      However, I have projects now that depend on software not packaged for Termux

      If the missing softwares are packaged in nixpkgs, you can use nix-on-droid (a termux fork).