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      XMPP used to be the future of IRC and saw significant use by serving as the back-end for now walled-off, proprietary services. I would still love to see it succeed in the long run, but given the great amount of fragmentation I find it hard to imagine any sort of re-unification of the messaging-sphere based on either XMPP or matrix. Do you see reason to expect matrix should fare differently?

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        XMPP was a pain in the ass last time I looked into it. I ended up liking PSYC and IRC more esp after looking at comparisons:


        Worse is Better effect kicks in, though, to have XMPP and its extensions dominate. :)

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        Yeah. Matrix very recently replaced IRC for me. I just yesterday cancelled my shell account that I was using primarily for IRC.

        I wish the rest of the world followed suit :) We wouldn’t really need Slack, HipChat, etc. anymore, either.

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        I’d love to see the Freenode user/channel count graph extended to the present.

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          interesting. Would like to see an update on those graphs. http://irc.netsplit.de has good data btw.