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    What is the point of using the rust binding from node? why not just use the C API? it seems like a pointless extra toolchain.

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      I’m a bit confused by the post myself. I assume it is because Proteus is implemented in Rust already and this means they just need one binding wrapper (neon).

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        ‘pure’ implementations of libraries (for interpreted languages) are generally popular (imo because figuring out how to configure your system to support an unfamiliar build toolchain is wrongly seen as more difficult than porting and maintaining code).

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          If emscripten can compile quake, it must be great for crypto!

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            It also produces huge and slowish code. My artisanal hand-ported versions are faster and smaller than libsodium compiled with emscripten, although this will probably change with WebAssembly.

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            While somewhat true - If full ports were never done we would all collapse under the weight of the setup requirements of the shittiest languages you can find.