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    I find it problematic that you still have to wait until the change date even if the original vendor goes defunct or stops developing or supporting the software. It may not be a big problem for established vendors like MariaDB, but if a trendy startup runs out of money and shutdowns the company, its product is dead because its development cannot be picked up by the community until it’s too late.

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      I can see your point. However I don’t think it is as black and white as you have stated.

      If I understand BSL correctly, then I think that under BSL you can take the code, modify it, and develop it further. You can even do that as a “community”, you can also run the resultant code… What you cannot do is run that resultant code in “production”.

      Regarding a company closing down, I would wonder who would enforce the Copyright in the license. That’s a question I don’t know the answer to yet. However, if the Copyright/License was unenforceable, then I would assume you can do anything you want.

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        “Regarding a company closing down, I would wonder who would enforce the Copyright in the license. “

        The more evil company that buys it for copyright trolling or anti-competitive behavior. Maybe. Mitigating that risk is why I favor non-profits or public-benefit companies that mitigate some of the legal risks in their charters and/or EULA’s.

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          That’s a fair argument. I would be interested to study examples of Charters and or EULA’s that have such clauses, did you have any particular ones in mind?

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            Nah, I just came up with it in a brainstorm. I’d love to work with a F/OSS-promoting attorney one day to further develop the idea.

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      “3. using it within Government, unless for physical or mental health care, family and social services, social welfare, senior care, child care, and the care of persons with disabilities.”

      Both government organizations and defense contractors drop big dollars on initiatives using F/OSS without giving anything back. The spending on VPN’s can get serious, esp if Type 1 equipment. Just going by your comment, the author would be trying to get a slice of that. Usually need an expensive certification for those sales, though.

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        Right, so as zeroTier is creating a software based version of something that would typically be network hardware, I guess they want to protect themselves against a 3rd party selling hardware which runs their software to such organisations.