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      This is a great series of writeups, especially since there’s so little first-party information on APFS right now.

      The intentional de-emphasis of data integrity features is immensely disappointing. “Buy expensive parts and hope they don’t error often enough for our users to notice” is not an acceptable strategy.

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        Isn’t it all about percentages? If they are sure the failure rate for the other components besides the file system is low enough it makes sense to skip integrity checks here.

        I find it more interesting that they are so sure in the first place. How did they come to that conclusion? Can eg iOS devices detect and report bit rot?

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          Can eg iOS devices detect and report bit rot?

          I think flash is good at that.

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      There doesn’t look to be anything that exciting. The most exciting thing is that HFS+ is going away.

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      Clones open the door for potential confusion. While copying a file may take up no space, so too deleting a file may free no space. Imagine trying to free space on your system, and needing to hunt down the last clone of a large file to actually get your space back.

      Did anyone else watch Silicon Valley last night?

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        Confusing to a point only a lady named Bernice will get it…