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Starts at 10 AM Pacific/2 PM Atlantic. As always, I’ll try to do my best with a transcript.

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    • Stream start

    • Some dunes. Violin. A woman playing drums. Various landscapes. More people playing instruments of sidewalks. Californiaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Tim here. Apple really likes California.

    • Apple TV+. It has shows, so I hear. Some of them even won awards; 130 wins, 500 nominations. 35 Emmy awards if that counts for anything. Trailer for shows.

    • iPad. It’s really popular because it’s versatile, so I hear. Pencils exist. iPad OS. There’s also apps. What a world! 40% growth. Base model improvements, looks to have the same classic design as before with a home button.

    • Melody to talk about the new model on the pier. A13 Bionic SoC, 20% improvement across the board from the predecessor’s A12. Curbstomps Chromebook and Android tablet specs either way. Front camera improvements; 12MP ultrawide with centre stage feature. As with the last event, centre stage works in third party applications. True tone on this one too. Compatible with previous generation’s accessories and first gen pencil.

    • It’ll ship with iPad OS 15. Widgets like on a phone. Easier multitasking. Quick note.

    • Base model $329 with 64 GB. Edu discount is $299. Two colours, cellular available. Available next week.

    • Back to Tim. Now it’s about iPad mini. It’s used in critical verticals due to its size. Big upgrade to it. This one has the same design as iPad Pro.

    • Katie on stage. It comes in colours. “Liquid Retina” display. Bezelless 8.3” screen in the same footprint. Wide colour, 500 nits, lowest reflectivity, true tone. Touch ID is in the power button. It’s fast like you expect. 40% jump in perf over prev gen CPU, 80% for GPU. It has a NN processor, 2x improvement over prev gen. Translate app improvements. Type C port. Wide array of USB accessories. 5Ggggggggggg. Examples of real-world examples of both. Both front and back cameras improved. Back 12MP, larger aperture, true tone flash, focus pixels. New ISP w/ improved HDR. 4K recording. Front 12MP ultrawide also with centre stage. Stereo in landscape. Even more accessories. Cases that match. Uses the second gen pencil. Demo video.

    • 499$ base, cellular option. Available next week. Yes, environment. 100% recycled Al chassis. Now all the iPads have them.

    • Tim Apple. iPads still doing well. Watch. It wants you to touch grass more than you do already.

    • Jeff. Cyclist features. It detects bike activity in fitness, automatic pause and resume. Fall detection on bikes. E-bike support. New Watch. Series 7. Bigger display. 20% more screen area over previous generation. 1.7mm bezel, 40% thinner than before. Dimensions are about the same, but with softer corner. Light refraction at the edges for better looking curvature. 70% brighter indoors. UI tweaked for it.

    • Lauren. Touch targets are bigger to match the new screen. 50% more text on screen. More text input. Full keyboard for tap or slide. ML keyboard swiping. More watch faces, including denser complications. More durable; crack resistant front screen due to materials/geometry. IP6X for dust. WR50 water resist. 18 hour battery life. Charges 33% faster. Fast charger is Type C based. 45M from 0 to 80%. 8 minutes of charging for 8 hours of sleep tracking.

    • Jeff. 5 Al colours. Other colours too. Nike and Hermes bands if you’re into the #brand. More bands, and compatible with previous bands. 100% recycled metal cases and magnets. Series 3 of 199$, SE at 279$, Series 7 at 399$. Series 7 later avail this fall. Demo video. watchOS 8.

    • Jay on the Fitness+ thing they have. 4K fitness videos and it syncs with the watch, if that’s your thing. It’s available in more countries; subtitled fitness videos with English audio??? Walking podcast??? There’s an entire cast of trainers.

    • To Sam to talk more about available workout types. Jessica with more workout types. Pilates, meditation, winter sports, etc. (The meditation and walking stuff looks vaguely parasocial to me, but…) Bakari with more workout types.

    • Back to Jay. Group workouts from iMessage/FaceTime. 32 people at once. Demo video. 6-core 2H/4P cores. ML cores. 50% faster than the competition. 4-core GPU.

    • Tim. iPhone. Yes, they’re ahead as we know, and have privacy, so they claim. ANOTHER ONE. Looks similar to 12, but the front cameras are arranged diagonally?

    • Kaiann to talk about iPhone 13. It’s flat like the 12. More durable front glass. IP68 water resist. Al frame in new colours. Front notch is less wide, 20% smaller. Environment! The aerial lines are made from recycled plastic. Inside the case makes room for a bigger battery. Also a mini. “Super Retina XDR”. 800 nits max, 28% brighter. HDR at 1200 nits. OLED with good contrast. P3 colour. Vision, HDR10, HLG. SoC is A15 Bionic.

    • Hope to talk about this. Apple widens their lead here. 5nm. 15B transistors. 2 fast/4 efficiency cores. 4-core GPU. Quite a lot faster than competition; 50% at CPU, 30% at GPU. 15.8T ops neural engine. Apps really using that ML dingus! Twice the cache, new video dec/enc. (I missed some of this due to it not saving, grrr.)

    • Kaiann. More camera/ISP. Wide camera mode. 47% more light. Finer pixels. f/1.6. Bigger sensor. 12 Pro Max enhanced OIS will be in the base/mini 13 camera. Better low light performance. Ultra wide mode improvements. Video. Cinematic mode.

    • Johnnie about this. “Rack focus” on iPhone. You can shoot like, real movies on it now. Demo video of the focus changing ability. It can hold focus on moving subjects, and change subject in real time. Anticipates people entering, and changes when people gaze away. It’s based on the study of cinema, fed into the ML woodchipper. Tap to change subject. Again to lock. Shoots in Vision HDR. Live grading.

    • Kaiann. 5G. Custom aerials and radios for more 5G bands. 200 carriers in 60 countries soon. Battery life improvements despite the things they put into it. Mini has hour and a half longer. Normal gets 2.5 hours than previous. Part optimization, part just putting more battery in there. Shifts to LTE instead of 5G when indeed. Privacy: on-device speech recognition and the private relay/mail stuff. Accessory ecosystem, like the MagSafe (yes, they reused the name) stuff. Cases in a variety of colours. And a wallet with Find My, if that’s your thing.

    • 699 for mini, 799$ for normal base price. 128 GB for base model, 512 GB option. Demo video.

    • Tim. iPhone Pro. ANOTHER ONE (DJ KHALED VOICE). Really emphasizing the cameras in the video. Three of them (actually maybe four). 13 Pro, as anyone could have guessed.

    • Joz on stage. It’s more pro-er. Stainless steel with fancy finish. Four colours. The blue one required fancy ceramic finish. Also a smaller notch. Fancy glass. Again, tougher glass. IP68. Internal redesign to fit bigger batteries and cameras. Also the same accessories. And yes, a Pro Max. Same A15 SoC. New ISP and display engine. Pro models get a 5-core GPU. 50% than leading competition. “Super Retina XDR”; OLED. 1000 nits peak outdoors. ProMotion 120 Hz display that can go to down to 10 Hz, adaptive framerate (and response time). Lowers and raises framerate as needed for battery/smoothness. Third-party apps and games can take advantage. 6.1 or 6.7” panel.

    • Louis on cameras. 77mm telephoto, 3x optical zoom. Ultrawide with f/1.8. Wide f/1.5 with denser pixel arrangement. (Having stream difficulty.) More optical zoom for those. Better low light. Macro mode in ultrawide mode without a special lens. Minimum distance of 2cm. All have night mode.

    • Rebecca on software camera stuff. Improvements based on analysis of existing shots, better recognition of skin tones. Photographic styles for applying tweaks into the real-time processing pipeline.

    • Joz. Also has video features. They got like, real Hollywood people to shoot some video with the Pro model. They say it’s easier with less things to buy. You can just use normal commodity equipment to do fancy stuff now. It’s also smaller, which might be good for some different techniques? Recap on the camera stuff. Depth map in the videos, so it can be changed after shooting. Later this, ProRes video supported, ideal for editing. HW accelerated ProRes and faster NVMe makes it possible; can be done at 4k30frames. Battery life improvements. Optimization and bigger battery, all-day battery. 1.5 hours than the pro, 2.5 than the pro max. Environment! No plastic wrap outside. Recycled magnets and tin solder.

    • Pro starts at 999$, Max at 1099$. 1 TB storage option. 128 GB base. Preorder Friday, available 24th.

    • Tim. Recap. Bye! More California.

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      2 fast/4 efficiency cores

      Took me a second to realize you weren’t making a “Fast and Furious” joke. I’m still disappointed about it.

      1. 19

        You are going $deity’s work. Thank you.

        1. 2

          thank you for such a great summary !

          There were rumors that Apple Watch 7 would have glucose monitoring, I guess that did not materialize.

          1. -1

            Blood-sugar monitoring being considered as a reasonable mainstream feature in consumer electronics is proper dystopian stuff. What a society we’ve built for ourselves, at least in North America.

          1. 2

            This is not the content I come to lobster.rs for, but it is content I snorted water out of my nose to. It set me musing about the quality of products and what happens when true innovation stalls but units still need to be moved.

          2. 15

            I flagged this as off-topic since it is essentially business news and that is off-topic, according to the rules.

            1. 28

              I tend to agree, but I absolutely love @calvin’s notes

              1. 13

                Same. I’m here for it — sometimes, exceptions make the rules. When there’s an Apple event, I come here to read about it.

              2. 6

                I feel like it would be on topic if there were anything there to talk about, besides the absence of things to talk about.

              3. 5

                New phone with slightly faster CPU (possibly; no numbers) and possibly better camera system (possibly; no numbers). Again. These iPhone news have been kind of boring for a while haven’t they.

                1. 3

                  The iPad mini update is huge though. I’ve been kinda wanting one, but the dated design, old processor, and worst of all the Lightning port (UGHHHH) were putting me off. Now all those complaints are gone!

                  Now I can complain about… 60Hz, I guess. Why is “ProMotion” reserved to “Pro” models? (At least it’s now finally also on the Pro phone, not just the Pro tablet!) High refresh rate is super common by now in the Android world, affordable mid range devices like OnePlus Nord come with 90Hz…

                  1. 1

                    Yeah, the Mini upgrade is huge. I’ve always been a huge fan of it. I currently have a Pro (bought in the period when nothing really happened to the Mini and it seemed dead), but if I were getting an iPad today, I’d very seriously consider the new Mini.

                    1. 1

                      I just bought an iPad mini last year, but the screen got cracked and hey, my kids need their own electronic babysitter, don’t they?…

                  2. 5

                    It’s funny that the iPad mini got USB-C (cause “pro”) but the iPhone Pro still has Lightning.

                    1. 4

                      the lightning connector may interfere less with cellular sensitivity than usb-c, by its geometry (i.e., the noise floor may be raised in the presence of usb-c, but i’m just guessing, do not have measurements). not kidding.

                    2. 3

                      Fun fact, I just clicked through the iPad comparator page and found out that the iPads released today in their cellular editions have dropped support for GSM/EDGE (2G). Good riddance I guess, though words like “GPRS” fill me with nostalgia…

                      1. 2

                        That’s interesting. There are still places, especially when I’m on the road, where my phone loses 4g for a while and I’m on EDGE. I always figured, since we’ve already phased out 3G, that EDGE would remain the back-up for a while for areas without coverage from the higher-frequency cell networks, but apparently not.

                        1. 3

                          I think the expectation is that those frequency bands will be reallocated to 4G over time. You can have large cells with 4G - just at lower data rates (still faster than EDGE though!).

                          1. 1

                            Hmm, I see. Still sounds like there’s going to be a lot of years in between though, where lots of locations which currently have coverage won’t have any.

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