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    This is a reboot of a program I wrote a while ago called akemi. It is heavily based off wmutils, and is more of an interesting experiment than software that will likely be usable to anyone. If you want something similar but more designed with usage in mind wmutils is probably worth checking out at https://wmutils.io

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      This reminds me somewhat of Plan9 and how acme and rio are 9P file servers.

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        Aye, that was kind of the original idea. (Well, it was mostly inspired by /proc/, which does come from Plan 9.)

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        I tried using this, and it was an interesting experience.

        Namely, for one, handling windows with override_redirect set was quite interesting, especially when attempting to implement Alt-Tab functionality. The event handler didn’t work for some odd reason without using wattr from wmutils (again, due to windows with override_redirect set). Also, I couldn’t figure out how to get the root wid without using lsw, also from wmutils.

        I’m aware that it’s not designed for usage, and it’s more something interesting to play with, but if you do try to use it, be aware that there’s various things which can’t be solved due to the way it works (e.g. you can’t hide windows in ls with override_redirect set, as you’d have to have a dot before them).

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          Most of these relate to ignored windows, which is a problem I’m trying to figure out how to fix. You don’t need to use wattr though, just check /<winid>/ignored before doing something with the window in your script. You are correct that there is no way of getting the root winid, what did you need this for?

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            In quite a few of my wmutils scripts I check if the current window isn’t the root window, namely here.